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Day 1: Paper Heart

Paper Heart w/ Cera & Yi

Probably not the best choice to start this, but I was looking through my  lonely collection of DVDs and I realized I haven’t seen this movie for awhile. I remember wanting to watch it during the summer because I was knee deep in my Cera phase. Geeky love, I mean how romantic is that? Then again, I’m typing this with a Star Wars tee on, so that explains a lot. Michael Cera represented a phrase I went through where I admittedly loved socially awkward boys. There was something peculiarly sexy about a guy who just didn’t know how to handle social situations well. Yeah, doesn’t work in real life as I found out. Awkwardly social boys are exactly that – awkward and socially inept.

What I really like about this movie are the snippets where Charlene asks random folks their love stories. I like them because they’re real and show a blend of misfortune with some good luck. Also, animated paper shows doesn’t hurt either. Cera is absolutely adorable in this movie. I almost forgot that. He makes me think that Ellen cut of his is super cute. Watching them kiss though, made me feel painfully awkward, as if I was in that room with them. I loved how the film explored love from different age groups. The ol’ “love knows no age,” comes to mind.  I feel like this could’ve been Judd Apatow’s abandoned lovechild, as you see cameos from the Apatow crew. The story could been more developed, but that’s just me. Charlyne didn’t believe in love, Charlyne meets Michael, they fall in love, conflict, and then resolution. The grown up Juno minus the child. Continue reading

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The start.

The Challenge: to watch a movie about love everyday, for 143 days.

143 movies, 143 days.

The Challenger:  Isidora Torres, a San Jose State University senior, a cynic and a former Michael Cera lover. Someone who probably has had their name misspelled more times than she can count and has been placed in numerous Spanish-speaking classes throughout her childhood. Isidora was inspired by Lawrence Dai and his crazy project, seen here.

Criteria: the movie can be literally anything – B-list romantic comedies, blockbusters, indies – as long as the storyline involves love. Sadly, my friends have made it clear this included the Twilight series (please help me).  The manner in which I chose to watch these movies is at my discretion. This isn’t supposed to be some awesome review/critque of  romantic films, but rather what I put in perspective after watching these films and aligning them with past and present experiences. I can allow myself to multitask but I will devote as much of my attention as I can to each film.

So you’re thinking why do this? Does this girl have an exponentially crazy amount of time? It’s safe to she has no friends, huh? Does she just want to ruthlessly diminish any ounce of hope? She doesn’t like Ryan Gosling? The answer to all these questions is it depends on the day.

Simply put, I’d like to think of myself as part of an ongoing process of being a recovering hopeless romantic. By the age of 21, I’m completely more cynical about the prospect of love. I thought during these years, I would just frivolously put my heart on the line and somehow, magically it would all work itself out. That has yet to happen and obviously, I’m very aware that I have all the time in the world. But I can’t help but feel that a lot of my warped perception of love derived from movies. Obviously, I’ve taken into account that my concept of love is built on several factors, but I do know I can contribute a large portion of it to movies. From Cinderella to The Notebook, they’ve all managed to influence this absurd notion of what I think love is. Let’s be clear, I’m not bitter or devoid of feelings.  And now you ask, what is my notion of love? I can no longer define it because it just doesn’t seem applicable to this day and age. So many games, so many devices. I mean what’s a girl to do? Obviously, Facebook stalk till I get an answer or stare at my phone and once you finally text back, won’t text you back for another five hours. Amiright?

So, I take this challenge in the hopes of not only rewatching some of my favorites but watching some new ones while learning a little more about myself and this crazy little thing we call love.

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