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Day 4: Timer

TiMER w/ Emma Caulfield

The purpose of this blog has seeped into my life. Talking about this blog has made others explore with me some different perspectives. Like for instance, men seemed to mentioned/recommend movies that were perceived at a grander scale – they recommended films like Titanic or Avatar. Yes, both blockbusters but both have really grandeur gestures as to what love could depict. From females, I’ve noticed the recommendations often are followed by the way they felt, and how emotionally attached they were to the relationship that was being shown. It was about the gestures but it was also about the deeper meaning of said love. Anyways, I digress..

I had a hard time digesting the movie, essentially it was because I knew it was going to be sweet and I already was bitter. But, the ending indeed was better than I expected. It translated a hypothetical device into something relatable. The movie in a nutshell is making the process of finding your true life extremely scientific. Easier said than done. Allowing me to control the process? Take the guess work out of love? Hell yes? Guess what, you’re still going to be sad. The whole point of TiMER is realizing that sometimes finding love is  based on time. Not even ten minutes in, the protagonist, Oona,  realized, through TiMer, that her and her potential man aren’t meant to be because he needs exactly two years before he’s ready for “forever.”

Well, fuck that. The only thing I see wrong about this is that you’re setting unsettling expectations on things and relationships that haven’t exactly had time to grow. Life is about the detours. What a sad grasp on reality for who inevitably thought, “hey, this could be the one.” Your motives change over time, you start redefining your standards. From “hanging out” to ” I don’t like titles,” to “it’s not about the chemistry in the beginning, right? He’s a nice guy.” If you’re anything like me, the reason why I hate this element of time is because I am one of those people who like control. Not, let’s get dictator on you, control. But rather, “I like to how far I can throw a ball” type of control. And yes, that means I’m overtly analytical about any existing relationships I might have with the opposite sex. Basically, I just introduced myself as complicated. I hate the time aspect but need the control. Both contradicting themes. I think that’s why I related so much to Oona. It’s when she starts to overanalyze every aspect of her love  life that’s when everything just doesn’t seem right, despite how awesomely hot her side boo is. The purpose of these timers for Oona at least, was the fact that it was a guarantee. A guarantee that her soul mate wouldn’t leave. *Sigh, Cinderella definitely didn’t tell me that. “She was beautiful, she was complicated.”

“Aren’t I guaranteed to like my one? Isn’t that the point?” “Oh no, not necessarily.”

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