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Day 7: Like Crazy

Like Crazy w/ Anton Yelchin & Felicity Jones

Instead of studying, I decided I wanted to obviously watch a movie and enjoy a beer. I just can’t do finals. Senioritis came too early with a vengeance. It just feels like the right thing to do. I wanted to write something really elaborate and philosophical after watching this movie, but let’s be real. After that beer and some good food, I is lazy.

The premise of the movie is awfully sweet. To be in love with someone and miss someone “like crazy.” Not hard to comprehend – falling in love early and staying in love. Though, I wished I could’ve ¬†fallen in love with the couple, but I couldn’t. In certain parts of the movie, I just felt forced to love them. As it kind’ve felt like they were forced to love each, unknowingly. There wasn’t a real build up for their relationship. They just kind’ve did, simply. He designed furniture (totally Aiden) and she was a writer (totally Carrie). ¬†See, I’m talker. I love to talk, and I love someone who can hold their own in a conversation, with a bit of wit. While I was watching the movie, I felt like there was no substance in their conversations. I’m sure they had them, but nothing for me to instantly connect and look back at my own experiences. A pity, but the way that they stared at each other. Maaaan. Continue reading

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