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Day 14: Never Been Kissed

Never Been Kissed w/ Drew Barrymore

Because I would be the girl dressed up like DNA. B)

Nerds are so cool, now they’re hipster. Who would’ve thunk reading would be so in right now. Yeah, the popular girls definitely didn’t you tell that. Nor did they tell you what they aspired to be or what they were reading. I was loyal to my Judy Blume and Matilda was my homegirl. This whole crap about changing into the uber popular girl is wasted time. Someone should start telling little girls that you’re going to be the queen bee no matter what. Confidence doesn’t mean make up, being intellectual is what to strive for and Barbie isn’t real. And besides, there are hot nerdy boys out there. Talk smart to me, baby.

On a side note though, I’ve seen this movie plenty of times. ¬†Josie Grossie is lovable and incredibly cheesy. But damn, I still cringe when I see the scene where she has “loser” stamped on her forehead. I die. Like literally, I die.¬† Continue reading

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