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Day 16: The Notebook

The Notebook w/ Ryan Gosling & Rachel McAdams

I watched it. I sobbed. I sobbed in the beginning, in the middle, and of course, the end.

I wanted to hate rewatching the Notebook. Mostly because I knew exactly how’d I feel once the credits started to roll. I knew this movie like the back of my hand. The damn Notebook changed any implication I had of love. I don’t care what anyone says, once you’ve been “notebooked,” you’re fucked. ¬†When this movie came out, I thought every man should be a Noah. Basically, I had set myself up for failure. My exboyfriend probably hated me for a good chunk of time because I asked him why he wasn’t dangling from a ferris wheel to grab my attention. I mean, like it’s hard?

Does anyone still do grand gestures of love? *Crickets. Over the years, I’ve had to readapt my concept of what a man should mean to me. Honestly, it felt like I lowered my own standards just to fill the criteria. But now I realize, I shouldn’t. I shouldn’t have to. I’m not saying every man should go to the lengths Noah did for Allie, that’s crazy talk. But I do believe everyone should feel unconditional love. The kind of love that makes you feel crazy in a good way. The feeling where you literally would do anything for them, no matter how ridiculous or crazy it is. One of my favorite blogs, Girls are the New Boys, described what type of love she wanted. I completely and utterly agreed. Continue reading

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