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Day 17: Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine w/ the Gos & Michelle Williams

In continuing with Gosling week, I’m seeing the Gos in Blue Valentine. Basically the complete opposite of The Notebook. It’s as if Noah and Allie said deuces after they got married. The reality of this movie is that it’s the marriage of most adults I know. It’s loveless, sad and asking to watch a train wreck. That’s the scariest part of being married. How do you know that one person is worth committing a lifetime for? When did “I do” became a death sentence for most couples. I thought the point of marriage was to be able to solidify the love you have into a piece of paper. When does it start getting complicated? It seems like routine and children just usurp itself into the marriage and then it becomes dull. With divorce rates at an all-time high, what’s the point of marriage? I think that’s one of my fears, to start out so in love and then have your world fall apart. How do you keep passion going when you’re against all odds? Continue reading

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