Day 18: Lars and the Real Girl

Lars and the Real Girl w/ Bianca and Ryan Gosling

Gosling, day 3. By the third movie, I started to wonder if the Gos had some weird accent he turns on and off. I know Canadians have some lingo going on, but his accent sounds like it’s confused. It just depends on the movie, I guess.  At least in this romantic film, he doesn’t play the natural charmer. Thank goodness,  I was about to roll my eyes if he started to swoon one more random girl he just immediately knew was his soul mate. We can’t be all that lucky, buddy.

This project has been going on now for more than two weeks now. I can’t honestly thank everybody enough for the support. Aside from the actual movie watching, I’ve been really interested in the way people have responded to this. I mentioned in an earlier post that it seemed like men started to pick movies that showcased love at a grander scale. Now, I seem to find more men wanting to participate in this project with me. You may call “chick flicks” a guilty pleasure for some guys, that’s fine. However, I think it’s really starting to show me a side of the male species I have refused to believe. THEY GOT FEELINGSS????  Of course, I don’t buy that all men are macho, I’m not stupid. I think it’s always been harder for the male to really describe and explain what love really means to them. We can watch all of the 500 days of Summers and the Notebooks as much as we want, and want men to proclaim their love the way those actors do. But in reality, aren’t we all scared of doing that? I sure am. There’s nothing like getting scared shitless when you realize you actually  have genuine feelings for someone. What’s even scarier is when they reciprocate back. It’s a good feeling of course, but it also brings any insecurities that you’ve had from the past. We don’t forget. Sure, we can forgive. But we don’t forget. I don’t forget. I’m starting to realize that I’m selfish with my own insecurities. Remember that scene in Princess Diaries when Mia says she doesn’t know how many times she starts her own thoughts with “I?”

I’ve plagued myself with these insecurities that I’ve held and put them in place in a relationship that hasn’t fostered any of it. I’m selfish. I need to start realizing that there’s TWO people putting aside their own insecurities and are both risking any type of sanity just to get a peace of mind. Whoa.

“I was talking to Bianca, and she was saying that in her culture they have these rites of passages and rituals and cermonies, and, just all kinds of things that, when you do them, go through them, let you know that youre an adult? Doesnt that sound great?”

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