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Day 22: Say Anything

Say Anything w/ Cute Cusack

Today’s the last official work day of the year for me. Also day 22. I’m actually quite shock that I’ve managed to watch 22 movies. Although, I’m starting to feel the honeymoon phrase wear out. At first, I felt like I was getting really insightful about these films – starting to categorize themes of love and sentiment…now I’m just picking at the little things. Since it is Cusack week, I just been debating whether his hair seems attractive. Cute Cusack has been approved for this film. Also, has anyone else notice that Cusack scrunches face when he’s thinking? Oh and he’s been in two films with Catherine Zeta-Jones? Just me? Ok.

Anyways, I’ve never seen Say Anything until now. Shocking, I know. The iconic Cusack move never really intrigued me enough to watch it. I’ve been completely missing out. What’s so special about this coming-of-age gem is that it wasn’t too far fetch from the truth. You take risks, hope for the best. Lloyd Dobler hoped that Diana Court would answer her telephone and say yes to the party. She did. Not rocket science to figure that one out. It was cute how he would let her do her own thing and just check in. It wasn’t too much or being neglectful. I loved the scene where he pushed aside glass off the street for her. Really? If that didn’t make you swoon, I don’t know what will. Sometimes, the little things do matter. Obviously, that’s not rocket science either. Continue reading

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Day 21: High Fidelity

High Fidelity w/ Bad Hair Cusack

John Cusack. Bad hair. Bad hair throughout the entire movie. Seriously.

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