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Day 23: America’s Sweethearts

America's Sweethearts w/ Melancholy Cusack

Happy holidays everyone! I hope everyone is enjoying themselves as they should. I’ve had dinner with my family and now we’re relaxing at home, waiting for midnight. Not that presents matter, but this year my presents have been amazingly awesome. From a beautiful Marc by Marc Jacobs bangle to a book about poo. Astoundingly awesome.

For a brief moment, I could’ve sworn I heard John Cusack narrating my life. It finally came, I’m losing my insanity. At least it’s a delightful narration.

Cusack isn’t terribly puppy-eyed in this. It’s actually really cute and in all fairness, Cusack and Julia Roberts do make an adorable couple. Such…sweethearts, eek.

There’s something endearing about watching Cusack play the heartbroken schmuck. He’s a completely endearing schmuck. Maybe that’s why we place such high emphasis ons schmucks. We want to be the one to make them realize that it’s not so horrible out there. That love isn’t as horrible as the last girl made it seem. Of course, we somehow get lost in the crossfire and we end up being alone. How’s that for a Christmas story? Or, who knows…maybe it all works out. No humbug here!

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