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Day 88: Dear John

Dear John w/ Amanda Seyfried & Channing Tatum

I could understand why some people liked this movie, but I also understand why many people didn’t. What’s lacking in this film is the essential build up to their relationship. They fell in love within two weeks, plausible. They wrote letters to each other while he was away at war and she went to school, plausible. But the passion that leads them into this world of affection and love is not strong enough, at least in the film. What’s always captivating from any Nicholas Sparks-based film is that the yearning from these two young adults is endlessly evoked and is built on the premise of some conflicting issues. We can essentially compare their relationship to that of Noah and Allie’s from the Notebook. So many people are enticed by their relationship because it showed us how strong their bond became in that month. They were perfect for 17. John and Savannah was basically mediocre compared in that regard. Yes, meeting your dad the first night is spontaneous and  a striking quality…but, then what?  Continue reading

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Day 87: A Walk to Remember

A Walk to Remember w/ Mandy Moore & Shane West

So begins my Nicholas Sparks week. Essentially it’s a week of busting out my kleenex and putting my estrogen on overdrive. We all must admit, Sparks knows a way to everyone’s heart. This was one of the movies that’s sweet enough to make you cry without enacting any gag reflexes on any overtly cheesy scenes.

She was carefree but reserved. He was the hometown bad boy who found solace within her world. Jamie Sullivan represents the nice girls of America. Cool in her own way, even if she was the only who knew. I never lived in a small town, but do all small towns have the quintessential cool kids corner? Each year, do they have sign ups on who can look the most mysterious? Jokes aside, Jaime Sullivan made it hard for me to dislike her. Maybe because she reminded me of a cute animal that I just wanted to squeeze and root for in the big race. Don’t lie..we all know you totally did the whole “I want to be in two places at one time” bit, because I did.  Continue reading

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Day 86: The Last Romantic

The Last Romantic w/ Adam Nee

One sentence love story by Nick Cox 

Sometimes when you think you love something what you really love is not the thing itself but just some small and inessential part of it: you think you love banana splits but really you just love the maraschino cherry on top and you think you love autumn but really you just love getting a Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks and you think you love Shrek but really you just love that montage near the end after Shrek and Fiona have their falling out when he’s sitting in his swamp all alone and she’s getting ready for her wedding and Rufus Wainwright’s cover of “Hallelujah” is playing in the background, and you think you’re in love with him but really you’re just in love with the smile that pops onto his face when he spots you in the Think Coffee near Washington Square Park, in love with the way it makes you feel to see someone look at you like that, look at you like you’re the only real thing in the entire world, even though he only looks at you like that because he just moved to the city a month ago Continue reading

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Day 85: Along Came Polly

Along Came Polly w/ Ben Stiller & Jennifer Aniston

In every sense, this movie was a walking metaphor. Stiller plays an insurance-risk analyst, who is obviously afraid of anything out of his comfort zone – germophobe, has a destined routine, needs plans, that whole bit. Aniston plays someone like Rachel, but not Rachel. Yeah, Poor Jen. I really can’t shake off Rachel whenever I see her on screen. She’s just really good at being Rachel. Anyways, take risks and you might get with someone hot like Aniston with a pet ferret. Sounds like a good deal, right?

I didn’t actually think this was a good movie. Yet, Stiller is under the impression that he’s rom-com material. Someone’s feeding him the wrong information. Yes, you were in Meet the Fockers, but that’s one time. ONE TIME.

But in all seriousness, taking risks with emotions are indefinite gambles. I know so many people who stray from such situations. But to put in fairy tale terms, if the Prince didn’t risk his life to slay the dragon, would he have been able to save the princess? Obviously, there are some risks worth taking, but just deciding which ones are worth slaying dragons for. Sometimes, you have to pull out that magical ball and see if the Princess is worth the happily ever after. If not, let that damn princess sleep.

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DAy 84: Eat, Pray, Love

Eat. Pray. Love w/ Julia Roberts and hot men

I’m sure if I was going through a mid-life crisis, I’d want Julia Robert’s without hesitation. Travel the world and “seek” for balance. Where do I sign up?

In all honesty, I probably have suffered a couple of early twenty-something year old crisies. Let’s not get started about the anxiety that occurs about my future. My love life is a whole another travesty. Finding ourselves seems to be an on-going phrase of our lives. Striving for balance seems to be a never-ending obstacle beyond college and our adult years. Basically, unhappiness can even creep in the most inconvenient times of our lives.  Even if we have our “happily ever after,” is that even satisfactory? Liz was married and successful. Realistically, a fairy tale to many. But, she decided she wasn’t happy with any of it and left. She pursued what she believed would make sense to her. What’s interesting about Liz’s journey is that she’s constantly reminded that she wants a man in her life. It’s difficult to find the line between needing a man because it’s necessary versus the wondrous opportunities that occur while sharing your life with someone. Needing and sharing are two very different things. Yet, I still can’t find the distinction nor do I think ever will as long as my Beyonce albums are still in tact.

Let’s face it, she was afraid to fall in love again because everything else before that failed. What she learned in Bali from the medicine man was that it’s okay to takes risks because balance will restore itself. The “physics of the quest,” if you’re brave enough to leave comfort, and “set out for a truth-seeking adventure, externally or internally, …and willing to regard everything on the journey as a clue and accept everyone as a teacher, the truth will not be held from you.”

“Let’s cross over.”

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Day 83: Hello, Dolly!

Hello, Dolly! w/ B.S.

Oh, Barbara. How I long to love you like so many do. It was sweet to the say the least, the dancing and the singing all made it worthwhile. Every once in awhile, I wanted to yell “Mr. Wilson!” but contained myself. It was a story of irony and romance, the matchmaker refusing to fall in love, falling deeply for a man she didn’t expect. It was light and delightful, kind of like having vanilla ice cream on a warm, crisp day. Seriously. That damn delightful.

The idea of connections is such a silly and odd thing to examine. We seem to find connections within our circles, and who we believe could be compatible with. I’ve fallen victim to blind dates set up by friends. Things weren’t always pretty and I’ve come out of it with an awkward “we..should do this again?” I’m not the biggest fan of my friends “hooking it up” for me, but I also semi-rely on it as well to get through the season – winter and spring. I don’t think I’ve played matchmaker probably because I figured if I can’t find anyone for myself, my skills are clearly not going to aid someone else’s love life.

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Day 82: Facts of Life

Facts of Life w/ Lucille Ball and Bob Hope

She cheats on her husband with her best friend’s husband. If that ain’t trifling I don’t know what is. If that was looked down upon back in Lucille Ball’s days, it sure ain’t different now. But do I blame her for her trifling-ness? Eh, kind of. I don’t believe that her unhappiness in her own marriage should birth a love affair, but I don’t blame her for getting her groove back with another man. Now, it was up to them to decide to end their own marriages to have the opportunity to start their own lives together. The adult thing to do was to end their marriages prior to them finding themselves in those uncompromising positions, but some aren’t allowed that convenience. It’s interesting to notice this theme in early movies. Mostly because this storyline of adultery doesn’t seem to cease over time. Yet, Ball and Hope stimultaneously made an unlikeable situation, actually likable.

But, as such, life isn’t like the movies. I’m not married yet, soo…these principles need not apply. I’m just going to safely assume that cheating in a marriage with someone who is married isn’t a good thing. My bad, Lucille.

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Day 81: The Four-Faced Liar

A confusing group just like your friends

If I needed lessons from a group of twenty-somethings…this would be it.

Not to get all analytical on anyone, but the film’s focus on Wuthering Heights is obviously reflective of the relationships within the film with an addition of a lesbian. Molly thinks she’s Katherine and Greg is Hindley – emotionally compatible but no passion. Basically, from what I gather from a bunch of college kids living in NYC is that I don’t want any of their relationships. One cheats, the other lusts, the other is just blissfully ignorant of the hopeless of their relationship. It’s an indie rome-com,  which really means this happens to everyone. Continue reading

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Day 80: The African Queen

The African Queen w/ Katherine Hepburn & Humphrey Bogart

Katherine Hepburn is exceptional as a spinster in love. She truly exemplified the nasty habits of prude ol’ ladies. But boy when she fell in love, her moment of weakness, she was terribly sweet.

I can’t help but relate. Putting your guard up is a full-time commitment. Especially if you’ve let them down before and motherfuckers come barging in. I believe being indifferent to love isn’t necessarily a bad thing, I think it allows you to pick and choose who can enter your world, and more importantly, your heart. I still fall victim to mistaking lust as in an invitation to my world. I hate being an optimistic even in the most disastrous situations of the heart, I guess I believe some things could always work themselves out. Guards still readily exist even if we let them down for a bit. It’s instinctually to always move away slowly to avoid getting hurt.

If we look back at fairy tales, the only prime example that actually puts up a fight of love would be Belle. All the others seem to naturally and quickly welcome these men into their hearts. Such a style that has seemed to slip away quickly. So many mind games are played to test each other and test how strong this wall is. Rosie and Charlie allow each other to break these walls, mostly because they’re stuck on a boat but because they’re going through hell and back with each other. Their journey, despite their difference in the beginning, allowed them enter each other’s hearts and we get to see Rosie as a compassionate lover. The journey reflects the tribulations of relationships – leeches, mosquitoes – but in the end, they find comfort in realizing they fought this together.

“I’m not one bit sorry that I came, what I mean to say. It’s worth it.”

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Day 79: The Republic of Love

He was a talk show host, she studied mermaids. Enchanting.

I wanted so hard to like this. The description seemed promising: “A story of love and enchantment set in the coldest of winters, it explores the issues, dilemmas and barriers facing the lucky and unlucky in love in the 21st Century.” It seemed to have all the right elements – disenfranchised thirty something female losing hope in love, an unlucky leading man looking for the right woman, mixed in with snow. But, I struggled to keep up. It could’ve been the pizza that tired me out, but I’m sure it was the film. The moments that were hardest to endure happened when they realized they loved each other. I’m all for “love at first sight,” but that was entirely too easy to suspend any disbelief. After all, it said it was supposed to model the complexity of love in the 21st century, that wasn’t definitely 21st century.

The hardest thing about starting a relationship, especially when everything else is right – primarily the person – are when the conditions are completely wrong. It could be timing, current relationship (reminder, anything done with the other person is considered cheating), everything else but the person. We’re all so consumed in our lives, yet some of us make time for love. Finding love is the easier of the things needed to do when we find someone. I think maintaing that love is the more difficult part. There are obviously no wrong or right ways, but are there ways to safely assure me that everything will be okay?

I might have to rewatch this again minus the pizza-coma. I’m sure the novel was better though.

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