Day 110: Clueless

Clueless w/ Alicia Silverstone

Okay, I need one more day before I decided I want to continue on with the Twilight saga. The night before I was able to see my university’s production of “Emma.” For those who aren’t avid Jane Austin fanatics, Emma is about a young woman who decided, since she was happy in her life, she did not need to marry. So,  instead she played matchmaker for all. Well, it got me thinking about one of my movies that changed my life. You know, Clueless? Hah. I’m a proud 90’s baby. Loud and clear. I mean like whatever?

If you don’t love this movie, then seriously, we can’t be friends. I think this at least the top three movies we reference our lives to. Anyways, I’ve always been a skeptic when it comes to my friends setting me up. If you’re like me, while all my girls are coupled up and of course, I’m single Sally over here. There should be a chapter written during my adolescence that says “How to Reject Your Friend’s Friend on a Date.” But I digress, in return, all my girlfriends feel the need to set me up with someone. I can’t tell you how many times I’ve heard a friend reference a guy that was “perfect” for me. Idly, I would avoid such topics but eventually I always go on some awkward blind date. Mind you, not all of them are bad. But it’s pretty bad. I just hate feeling as if I have “single” stamped on my forehead. I get my friends want me to have what they have…but damn, slow it down a bit! Anyways, like in the movie, Cher and my friends have the best of intentions, so you can’t blame them. Unlike Cher, at least my friends won’t set me up on a date with an ex-stepbrother. Yeah, I still don’t get that.

Sorry I’ve been lagging on the posts. It’s been hard to post during midterm week. I hope you guys feel my grief. I’m literally having a shitshow with midterms and papers galore. But it’s spring break, so I’ll shape up by then.

Tai: Cher, you’re a virgin?
Cher: You say that like it’s a bad thing.
Dionne: Besides, the PC term is “Hymenally challenged”.

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