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Day 114: Love Jones

Love Jones w/ Nia Long and Larenz Tate

What happens after the attraction? This is a key element that drives the main characters in Love Jones. Darius and Nina, both devoted to the arts, meet in harmony in a bluesy-jazz poetry bar. While we expect them to fall in love immediately, we get that this isn’t the right time. They’re just “kicking it.” Kicking it takes the back seat as both figure out wherein lies their attraction and the rest of their lives. They’re both struggling artists in their craft, forcefully putting themselves first before anything. A premise, I can only solely relate. But their strong attraction toward each other leads them into this journey of discovery about each other. Is it fate riddled with bouts of doubts? Darius goes on the verge of saying Nina might be the one, despite her leaving to New York City to handle “unfinished business”. The story takes the normal and unfortunate familiar route of life:  such as “Where is this going?” talk, the “I’m cool because we’re just friends” talk, the I’m going to bring my new date to the place I know you’re at, and let’s not forget “I miss you and I just want to see how you’re doing.” Quite familiar roads in any relationship, each stop either made out of helplessness or because we’re plain stupidly in love. But one point is clearly made, the “jones” need to survive to make the relationship work. Jones/love all mean there is potential in one another, hence why we work hard to make things go well.  Continue reading

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Day 113: Shakespeare in Love

Shakespeare in Love w/ Paltrow and Fiennes

One of my favorite plays and coincidentally adaptions of Shakespeare’s, sort of. It’s fun and insightful, it also lends a sense of understanding of Romeo and Juliet despite its fantasy. Paltrow and Fiennes deliver excellent performances as Shakespeare and Lady Viola.

Some of the craziest pieces of work are influenced by love. Love makes you feel  things you otherwise wouldn’t have. Being inspired by love is such a beautiful thing. There’s something about plays and novels that are able to capture such indefinite feelings.

A side note, of course on spring break my body decides to malfunction and I’m stuck in bed. So literally this is what my day will consist of: cough, cough, medicine, movie, cough, medicine, Mad Men.

I bid you all adieu!

Viola de Lesseps: [as Thomas Kent] Tell me how you love her, Will.
William Shakespeare: Like a sickness and its cure together.

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