Day 139: The Shape of Things

The Shape of Things w/ Paul Rudd & Rachel Weisz

“BUT, the great equalizer.”  BUT in so many situations often welcomes in a slew of unwarranted and sometimes disheartening news. The Shape of Things, originally performed on stage , is an interesting parable of morality and sexual cruelty. Adam (played by the adorable Paul Rudd) and Evelyn (played by Rachel Weisz) cross paths at Adam’s work, the museum. The two embark on what is an illusion of dating, at least according to Evelyn later. In tryst with Adam’s former roommate, we start to understand the complexities of morale and what determines a “better” person. Evelyn heartlessly experiments with morale, manipulation and more importantly, free will, by inadvertently suggesting Paul changes. His changes would eventually lead to weight lost, change of clothes, loss of friends, a nose job…everything. Evelyn delivers her motives to the public in her thesis presentation. She claims that he is now “better” for society according to their standards. BUT, is that really better?

Now, the character of Evelyn is an exception but any person who has the decency to test the waters of morale on another human being is seriously deranged. Morale of the story: don’t mess with people’s emotions. There’s a lot of power to be held when you’re very existence is highly dependent on someone else. There’s such cruelty in the world already, love or even the prompting of should not be one of those things. I sat there, cringed in my seat, as I watched Adam be humiliated in front of an unknown audience. He, rightfully so, then asks her to be a “better” person.

Poor Adam. The fuckery that was unknowingly bestowed upon him. For him, to just be labeled “Untitled” to a woman he thought he had fallen in love with. Yet, manipulation in relationships occur more than what we think. We inevitably change into some weird hybrid of our former selves without realizing we had change. Throughout the film, Adam nonchantley acknowledges these changes without considering it was truly of Evelyn’s doing. But she was right, she never coerced him to do anything.

BUT as a fool in love, we can’t blame Adam. Hell, we’re all victims of that.

Evelyn: He is a living example of people’s obsession with the surface of things.

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