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Day 128: Arthur

Arthur w/ Dudley Moore & Liza Minnelli

Liza Minnelli is absolutely wonderful in this film. Boys suck. Rich boys with egos suck. What’s worse is if you actually like one. I wouldn’t know but I’m assuming there goes a decent amount of pressure.

You actually feel bad for Arthur. It’s the making of a good woman with good ambitions that make him realize he doesn’t want to marry the other woman. He actually grows up in the face of adulthood. Sacrifice should never be forced but welcomed with the promise that a better life awaits. In matters of life and love, the choices we make determine what kind of person we want to be. Obviously, these bits of truth are anything but new. In love, those choices are often veiled under confusion and miscommunication, so it’s only promising that we often make bad choices in love. Being blinded in love almost always happens to everyone. No one is ever smartly in love. Am I right?

Anyways, the remake of Arthur with Russell Brand seems incomparable. Completely doesn’t do it justice.

[about Hobson after she gives her phone number to Arthur]
Linda: Wouldn’t it be funny if *he* called me?
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Day 122: Mystic Pizza

Mystic Pizza w/ Julia Roberts...and etc.

It’s Julia Roberts! Shocker!

I can’t help but relate with the sisters – to fall in love and get the hell out of a small town. Although, I wouldn’t consider where I live a small town, but small enough to see people from high school still. I often daydream the hell out of my future. Nowhere in my future does it say me being whisked away and living in San Jose. No thanks. My ubiquitous white fence is replaced with city lights and a window. The happy husband making the daily bread is replaced with me making my own bacon and possibly raising a family. My idea of the future doesn’t correlate with suburbia, not even in the slightest form. I’m not quite sure what made me not want that, but it somehow formed away.

Anyways, this movie made me have an incredible craving for pizza.

Bill: [to Jojo] I’m tellin you I LOVE YOU, and all you love is my *dick*! Do you know how that makes me feel?

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Day 93: She’s Gotta Have It

She's Gotta Have It w/ Tracy Camilla Johns

Seriously one of the most sensual movies I’ve ever seen. It’s shot in black and white, and yet delivers a vivid and colorful storyline that only Spike Lee can bring. In essence, it was a story about sexuality and sensuality. In the perspective of African-Americans in Brooklyn, Nola, the protagonist, embodies what could be the transition of sexual freedom into the 90’s. It’s raw and makes no apologies. It’s a film with contrasting ideologies coming from both men and woman – the idea of multiple sexual partners, being an assertive and independent person, all through Nola’s life.

I think every woman who considers them as a “bad bitch” is Nola. Indefinitely. She’s doing her own thing on her own terms. What’s enticing about Nola is her sheer outright personality about her sex life. Although this movie is made during the late 80’s, Nola’s personality aligns with most women I know. Frankly, the mentality of the single 20-something year old has not changed, if anything it’s been encouraged. Assertiveness and freedom has culminated into this badass. But it is a double-edged sword regardless. Being free technically leads to others calling you a slut. It’s a shame in deed. We can go and on about the double standards that occur, but let’s be real. Shit is not going to change in a day. I’ll stick to my guns, thank you.

Nola Darling: It’s really about control, my body, my mind. Who was going to own it? Them? Or me? I’m not a one-man woman. Bottom line.

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Day 27: When Harry Met Sally

When Harry Met Sally w/ Meg Ryan & Billy Crystal

When did co-ed friendships seem so complicated? Don’t we pick our friends based on interests and personality anyways?  It’s kind of like dating, right? Except you choose to not pursue that route (well, at least one of you clarifies that, I hope). For the most part, I’m not exactly the complete opposite of my friends. We get along just fine. Doesn’t shared interest naturally foster a sense of attraction regardless? Then adding the word “friendship” just acts as a neutralizer so one can be completely comfortable in every sense of the word – emotionally, physically and mentally. That comfort allows for openness and being able to share things you would otherwise hold back in a dating environment. We’re really not ourselves when we begin to date, we hold back our neurotic tendencies and behavior. No sees crazy till at least three months in. With friends, they see it everyday. I know my all of my friends know the kind of crazy I pull. Boys don’t, friends do. Simple. Anyways, will friendships always be platonic? Probably not. Can they be? Probably. I think like most relationships, some co-ed friendships can be in the gray area. But those relationships that stem from friendships are often long-lasting, at least from what I’ve seen/heard. So it can’t be too bad that’s there’s gray areas. OR there’s always the possibility of really making things complicated and try to explain the whole friends with benefits scenario. Let’s not and say we did? Agreed? Agreed.

“Doesn’t matter because the sex thing is already out there so the friendship is ultimately doomed and that is the end of the story. “

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Day 22: Say Anything

Say Anything w/ Cute Cusack

Today’s the last official work day of the year for me. Also day 22. I’m actually quite shock that I’ve managed to watch 22 movies. Although, I’m starting to feel the honeymoon phrase wear out. At first, I felt like I was getting really insightful about these films – starting to categorize themes of love and sentiment…now I’m just picking at the little things. Since it is Cusack week, I just been debating whether his hair seems attractive. Cute Cusack has been approved for this film. Also, has anyone else notice that Cusack scrunches face when he’s thinking? Oh and he’s been in two films with Catherine Zeta-Jones? Just me? Ok.

Anyways, I’ve never seen Say Anything until now. Shocking, I know. The iconic Cusack move never really intrigued me enough to watch it. I’ve been completely missing out. What’s so special about this coming-of-age gem is that it wasn’t too far fetch from the truth. You take risks, hope for the best. Lloyd Dobler hoped that Diana Court would answer her telephone and say yes to the party. She did. Not rocket science to figure that one out. It was cute how he would let her do her own thing and just check in. It wasn’t too much or being neglectful. I loved the scene where he pushed aside glass off the street for her. Really? If that didn’t make you swoon, I don’t know what will. Sometimes, the little things do matter. Obviously, that’s not rocket science either. Continue reading

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