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Day 127: The Break-Up

The Break-Up w/ Jennifer Aniston & Vince Vaughn

Poor Jennifer Aniston. She just can’t seem to win. Well, I don’t think having Vince Vaughn is winning either.

Anyways, break ups are always horrible. I don’t think there are any existing clean slates. I remember voluntarily crying myself to sleep alone in the dark. And that was in high school! Shit gets pretty depressing. Shit is especially even more depressing when it’s never on your own terms. Mind games come back again at this stage which makes the recovery even more difficult. I’m always a complete hot mess when it comes to love. I would be that girl that look like she hasn’t slept in days when her heart is broken. It never makes any sense how things ever end but they do. There are some relationships where I still don’t know why we ended, others are crystal clear. Was it for the better? Sure. Surely I wouldn’t be where I am today if those relationships had continued, but who’s to say. My own individual goals could differ from our relationship goals.

Emotions take such a toll on your mind when you’re ending a relationship. It’s all you think about whether you like it or not. We find things/people to distract ourselves but in the very end, it still hurts like hell. Playing the bitch doesn’t work either, trust me.

But sometime’s you just gotta prevail and not surrender in doing what’s right for yourself, even if it means forsaking a bit of your happiness in the moment.

Gary: I’m just saying we shouldn’t wait so long the next time before we…
Brooke: Yeah.
Gary: Catch up.
Brooke: We have a lot more to talk about.
Gary: Yeah.
Brooke: So.
Gary: Be good.
Brooke: Okay.
Gary: Bye.
Brooke: Bye.

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Day 124: The Wedding Singer

The Wedding Singer w/ Adam Sandler & Drew Barrymore

I don’t care how stupid Adam Sandler is most of the time, he’s the ultimate schmuck worth falling for.

The most note worthy piece of advice I’ve ever heard about love is to find someone who loves you more than you love them. What’s strange is that it seems like an open invitation to someone’s feeling being hurt, but in reality, it doesn’t. It’s a weird paradox, finding someone that loves you more so you don’t get hurt. But thinking about it conversely, would the other person feel like you love them more than they love you? Tricky.


I love hard. I love fully. I am not one to hold back especially when I’m sure. A lot of it’s naivety, but a lot of it is because I believe in loving unconditionally. I don’t want to know that he loves me more than I love him.  Why must the glass always be half filled when we can share the damn pitcher?

It always gets me when Robbie sings to Julia.

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Day 123: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World w/ Michael Cera

I get why boys like it. It’s total video game/comic book mayhem or rather relationship troubles presented with visual sound effects. Hence why they like this kind of stuff. Does this mean I should start flashing a sign in the sky to ask for help when they screw up?

Not to get completely sappy on a movie that clearly doesn’t resemble a romantic love story, you gotta admit…Scotty boy over there fighting all of Ramona’s exes is pretty endearing. Pretty sweet considering he just probably met her. That’s a whole lot of baggage to get over. Most guys are out the door once you even mentioned you got some emotional packages lingering around. Well, M. Cera doesn’t fail at all at his role as Scott Pilgrim. He could use a haircut though.

Stacey Pilgrim: Next time, we don’t date the girl with eleven evil ex-boyfriends.
Scott Pilgrim: It’s seven.
Stacey Pilgrim: Oh, well, that’s not that bad.

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Day 113: Shakespeare in Love

Shakespeare in Love w/ Paltrow and Fiennes

One of my favorite plays and coincidentally adaptions of Shakespeare’s, sort of. It’s fun and insightful, it also lends a sense of understanding of Romeo and Juliet despite its fantasy. Paltrow and Fiennes deliver excellent performances as Shakespeare and Lady Viola.

Some of the craziest pieces of work are influenced by love. Love makes you feel  things you otherwise wouldn’t have. Being inspired by love is such a beautiful thing. There’s something about plays and novels that are able to capture such indefinite feelings.

A side note, of course on spring break my body decides to malfunction and I’m stuck in bed. So literally this is what my day will consist of: cough, cough, medicine, movie, cough, medicine, Mad Men.

I bid you all adieu!

Viola de Lesseps: [as Thomas Kent] Tell me how you love her, Will.
William Shakespeare: Like a sickness and its cure together.

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Day 107: Twilight

Twlight w/ Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

What. The. Fuck. I want my two hours back and I can’t believe I watched this fuckery. I get it, he bedazzles and she’s in dire need of some adoration and affection, this doesn’t change he’s still creepy as fuck (clearly, pardon my “fucks”).

I’ve literally dreaded this very moment where I needed to watch this film. Was I hoping for some enlightenment? Perhaps, but I should’ve known better. Forgive me, but I almost wanted to like it because of all the hype surrounding this. My friends have tormented me film after film about their awkwardly but fascinating obsession over this damned series. Grown ass women have literally drooled over the mere description of Edward. But for real though, like that bad? Like really? THAT BAD.

If it wasn’t clear before, it sure as hell clear now. I’m completely hating, on that Haterade without a doubt.

And now I need to watch New Moon. Insanity completely out the door.

James: Oh, still stubborn, aren’t we? Is that what makes you so special to Edward?

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Day 97: You’ve Got Mail!

You've Got Mail w/ Tom Hanks & Meg Ryan

Now, I’m not saying this is one of the better romantic comedies out there, but let’s all admit Ryan and Hanks are pretty enjoyable duo. This movie brings a valid point though. As humans, our modes of interaction have tremendously shifted. An initial contact is one thing, whether it’s in person or online, maintaining contact is a whole another game. It’s difficult enough already to want to get to know someone, it’s incredibly harder to open up ourselves through text and Facebook messages. Hell, I don’t even talk on the phone all that much. But yet, it somehow all works and doesn’t simultaneously.

The secret rituals of dating have all adapted to these forms of communication. Yet, what I’m curious to know is what are the best practices of dating in the digital age. Do we text first to get in the clear? Do we call or is that doing too much? Not to mention you have to include pithy banter to even sound remotely interesting or else you’re screwed. There’s some aversion with tech, we either absolutely allow  ourselves to be open or we’re able to shield our imperfections through these mediums.

Ah, the joys of dating.

Also, I think it’s utterly too cute that they bonded over a fondness of books. Who doesn’t love a man who can read, and read good books, at that.

George Pappas: Well, as far as I’m concerned, the Internet is just another way of being rejected by women.

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Day 85: Along Came Polly

Along Came Polly w/ Ben Stiller & Jennifer Aniston

In every sense, this movie was a walking metaphor. Stiller plays an insurance-risk analyst, who is obviously afraid of anything out of his comfort zone – germophobe, has a destined routine, needs plans, that whole bit. Aniston plays someone like Rachel, but not Rachel. Yeah, Poor Jen. I really can’t shake off Rachel whenever I see her on screen. She’s just really good at being Rachel. Anyways, take risks and you might get with someone hot like Aniston with a pet ferret. Sounds like a good deal, right?

I didn’t actually think this was a good movie. Yet, Stiller is under the impression that he’s rom-com material. Someone’s feeding him the wrong information. Yes, you were in Meet the Fockers, but that’s one time. ONE TIME.

But in all seriousness, taking risks with emotions are indefinite gambles. I know so many people who stray from such situations. But to put in fairy tale terms, if the Prince didn’t risk his life to slay the dragon, would he have been able to save the princess? Obviously, there are some risks worth taking, but just deciding which ones are worth slaying dragons for. Sometimes, you have to pull out that magical ball and see if the Princess is worth the happily ever after. If not, let that damn princess sleep.

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DAy 84: Eat, Pray, Love

Eat. Pray. Love w/ Julia Roberts and hot men

I’m sure if I was going through a mid-life crisis, I’d want Julia Robert’s without hesitation. Travel the world and “seek” for balance. Where do I sign up?

In all honesty, I probably have suffered a couple of early twenty-something year old crisies. Let’s not get started about the anxiety that occurs about my future. My love life is a whole another travesty. Finding ourselves seems to be an on-going phrase of our lives. Striving for balance seems to be a never-ending obstacle beyond college and our adult years. Basically, unhappiness can even creep in the most inconvenient times of our lives.  Even if we have our “happily ever after,” is that even satisfactory? Liz was married and successful. Realistically, a fairy tale to many. But, she decided she wasn’t happy with any of it and left. She pursued what she believed would make sense to her. What’s interesting about Liz’s journey is that she’s constantly reminded that she wants a man in her life. It’s difficult to find the line between needing a man because it’s necessary versus the wondrous opportunities that occur while sharing your life with someone. Needing and sharing are two very different things. Yet, I still can’t find the distinction nor do I think ever will as long as my Beyonce albums are still in tact.

Let’s face it, she was afraid to fall in love again because everything else before that failed. What she learned in Bali from the medicine man was that it’s okay to takes risks because balance will restore itself. The “physics of the quest,” if you’re brave enough to leave comfort, and “set out for a truth-seeking adventure, externally or internally, …and willing to regard everything on the journey as a clue and accept everyone as a teacher, the truth will not be held from you.”

“Let’s cross over.”

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Day 78: Brief Interviews with Hideous Men

The problems in one

They need to do this more often. For women’s sanity, please.

“Do you see how open I’m being with you here? Well I know I’m not telling you anything you haven’t already decided you know. I can see you forming judgments with that chilly smile. You’re not the only one who can read people you know. And you know what? It’s because of her influence that I am more sad for you than pissed off. Because the impact of this story was profound and I’m not even going to begin to describe it to you. Can you imagine how any of this felt? To look at her sandals across the room on the floor and remember what I had thought of them only hours before. And I’d say her name and she’d say “What?” and I’d say her name again. Well I’m not embarrassed-I don’t care how this sounds to you now. I mean, can you see how I could not just let her go after this? I just-I grabbed onto her skirt and I begged her not to leave. And then I watched her gently close the door and walk off barefoot down the hall. And never seeing her again. But it didn’t matter that she was fluffy or not terribly bright! Nothing else mattered! She had all of my attention-I had fallen in love with her! I believed that she could save me. Well I’m aware of how all this sounds, I can see that look on your face. I know you. And I know what you’re thinking. So ask it. Ask it now, this is your chance. “I believed she could save me” I said. Ask it now. Say something! I stand here naked before you. Judge me, you bitch. You happy now? You all worn out? Well be happy because I don’t care. I knew she could and I knew I loved. End of story. “

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Day 76: The Wedding Date

The Wedding Date w/ Debra Messing & Dermot Mulroney

He’s the D-lister with the mostess. Dermot Mulroney seems to be one of the unauthorized kings of romantic comedies with the likes of John Cusack and Richard Gere. A hunk in his very own right, he should command more of the screen. Instead he plays second fiddle to most of the female actors he co-stars with.

Some of his noteworthy films are My Best Friend’s Wedding, Must Love Dogs, The Family Stone, and the Memory Keeper’s Daughter

Anyways, the Wedding Date is cute. Purely meant to make you believe that karma does exist to those who have done you wrong, even if it’s your sister. I can’t dislike Grace, I mean it’s Grace! It’s a cute comedy filled with sincere little quotes hidden amongst the fluff.

Do I believe that there’s karma for those who have done love wrong? Maybe. But I wouldn’t worry my little head about it.

“I’d rather fight with you than make love with anyone else. ”


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