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Day 99: Umbrellas of Cherbourg

Umbrellas of Cherbourg w/ Catherine Denevue

In keeping with my theme of love and song, I decided to watch Umbrellas of Cherbourg. My friend has repeatedly insisted that I watch this because it claims to be one of the most romantic films on the face of the Earth. Okay, I’m exaggerating but truthfully, it’s incredibly romantic. If life was lived through music, this would be it. It’s entirely  played with song, more than musical, almost an opera. It’s a tragic story of love lost and love found. I wanted to be completely in tune, so subtitles were off for me.

What’s remarkable about this film is that it allows the audience to want and yearn for Guy’s and Genevieve’s relationship. While we set up our expectations, we’re left with the truth that they are in fact married to someone else…and what’s worse, is that they’re happy. I’ll be damned if I said I didn’t expect a happy ending, but it was…just not the typical happy ending. What makes this film touch home is that that it allows to understand the complexities of life and what we choose to accept. Yes, we want Guy and  Genevieve together, but it’s not where their fate lies. So maybe that’s something we can tuck away in our pocket while we whisk ourselves away to Paris.

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Day 36: Wings Of Desire

Wings of Desire w/ Bruno Ganz

Probably one of the most beautifully shot films I’ve ever seen. It took the concept of desire and perceived it from an eagle eye. I think we’re so used to hearing our own individual desires, it’s an appealing perspective to hear it from others. The angel, Damiel, unexpectedly seeks and ultimately desires to be human to physically feel. The idea of longing is present throughout the film. It accompanies a sense of loneliness – usually of innate human tendencies such as love, belonging and etc. It’s interesting how Damiel wants to feel the complexities of feelings, when most of the time it’s not all shits and giggles it turns out to be. We’re often distraught, stressed the fuck out or pissed about something and everything. I can’t imagine why anyone would desire any of it. But I guess it ties in to the whole “it’s better to have love, than not to have loved at all” spiel. Being a spectator is never really fun, unless it’s sports or you’re a stalker, so feelings are meant to be exposed and made to be felt at full capacity.  Continue reading

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Day 35: Love Me If You Dare

Love Me If You Dare w/ Marion Cotillard & Guillaume Canet

Hands down just became my favorite. It captured everything what I think love should be : carefree, unconditional and just plain crazy. They challenged each other with these “games,” but ultimately became each other’s escape from unsatisfying conditions. They were hopelessly made for each other.

We’re interesting beings. We’re interested in interesting beings in love. So, I started to notice no one ever really starts off happy and falls in love – it seems that it’s more gratifying to stem from an unconventional lonely place and then fall in love. It’s as if love is supposed to save us from whatever darkness we consume – conforming, depression, etc. What happens if we’re happy and we fall in love? Do we just become happier? Is there an adverse affect?

I need to be more prompt about posting the day of. I usually let the movie sink in for a bit and then write. Sometimes, it takes a while to draft what I think or what are my takeaways. Motivation isn’t an issue, sometimes I just like a movie and that’s all. It doesn’t change anything inside of me. But no worries, I literally do watch a movie everyday. It’s a routine at this point. I set aside two hours of my day to watch. I usually have movies already waiting for me or have to do some digging based on recommendations. It’s been interesting to hear/read the suggestions that have been made. There are films that I’ve never heard of – often with beautiful titles and synopsis to match. Writing has become cough medicine. *cough.

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Day 11: New York, I Love You

New York, I Love You w/ everyone and their moms

New York, I Love You is like the better version of the stupid mash up rom-coms that Gerry Marshall has been sadly producing. With a better ensemble in some short stories, the film follows different couples throughout New York. My  favorite short story had to be Anton Yelchin and Olivia Thirlby. My prom wasn’t even going down like that.

After living in New York for a couple of months, I must say this film made me miss it just a bit. Who would’ve thought the stench of garbage would be thoroughly missed. I will say though, New York does leave one hell of an impression on you. The lights, the darks, the bars, the people, everything. For as much as I am a California girl, there’s something daunting and enticing about the City That Never Sleeps. You meet so many people in the most crazy and unexpected places, coming from all walks of life. Of course, you all knew that. But just in retrospect, it just seems sooo ridiculous.  Continue reading

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Day 5: Russian Dolls

Russian Dolls w/ Romain Duris

It’s the week of finals, so things have been slowing building up to what some may call a call to insanity. Anyways, back to the movie watching! Maybe it’s the cold weather, maybe there’s l’amour in the air, but lately, I’ve been wanting to see more French romantic movies. Thanks to good ol’ Netflix, I’ve found a good little batch of Audrey Tautou films to my liking. We’re talking about the French freakin’ queen of romantic comedies, here. Undeniably so cute, it’s sickening. But the movie wasn’t completely about her. The movie is about a “struggling” writer (sigh, they are so damn charming)  whose best work is about cliched love. He has a love interest, but is apparently  also interested with everything else. We’ll just call him a perpetual lover.

Sigh, to play the single life. There’s no fairy tale that was ever told that “hey, prince charming is kind of a douchebag.” There are no fairy tales to warn you about the dragons that come with dating. Seriously, what am I suppose to slay you with? My wit? That can only last so long. Believe me, even the wit gets tainted. Nor, do they ever tell you that some princes come ill-equipped and sadly, you still kiss the damn frog. It’s too complicated to figure out I love you than plan a wedding. Are we conditioned to uphold a certain expectation given to us by fairy tales? Can there by grown up fairy tales too? I mean seriously, can there be an edition especially made for the 20+ kids? That’s the thing about love stories, sometimes they’re just stories. Whenever have you ever said anything from a movie someone you were just completely in love with? I mean day-to-day love isn’t a story either. So many questions to ask, but “we can’t say we’re uninformed. we read love stories, fairy tales..”

“It’s wild how strong these stupid moments can be. Those 12 seconds will be etched deep inside you forever. In the movies, most love stories end there. It’s better not to show what happens after.”

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