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Day 140: Forgetting Sarah Marshall

Forgetting Sarah Marshall w/ Jason Segal, Mila Kunis & Kirsten Bell

May not be one of the greatest love stories ever told but it’s definitely more reminiscent of many of the guys I know. When guy friends fall in love, it’s absolutely adorable, but on the contrary, when they get hurt it gets ugly. It’s not even endearing where you allow them to cry on your should, it’s physically ugly. You think you cry ugly, imagine a grown man sobbing continuously. Sometimes I like to think I’m blissfully ignorant and truly believe men don’t have feelings. So, when I see one of my guy friends seriously heartbroken it breaks that ignorance especially if what the female did was foul. Because for as much as we place importance on how boys are stupid, girls play just as horribly.

I know too many girls who treat men like crap and always regret it later. There are some great guys there hidden behind the douchebags. While I sometimes forget that, it’s a truth that needs to shine.

But dating sucks as well. There is no human filter that lets you know who to date and who not to date. First impressions are killer and always an unforgivable gateway. Some people really know how to talk and motives are always underlying. But if everything flows naturally, there’s always room to get screwed over. Dating in your 20’s is even more of an obstacle. It’s a weird phase in life where everyone is either settling down or enjoying the single too much. I’m on the verge of complacency in my dating life. Mostly because it’s get tiring to make an awesome impression when most of the time I frankly don’t care.

We’ve seen the Jason Segal men/friends in our lives, they totally deserve a girl like Mila Kunis. How they get them? I will never know. It’s a bro’s bro world out there, anything can happen!

It’s kind’ve crazy that I’m almost done with this project, I must say picking the last of these movies is getting fun.

Peter Bretter: [Drunk and waving a cocktail around at the hotel bar] I’m on Sex and the City…”Ahh, hi Miranda…” “Uhh, I’m Samantha… I have sex with everybody.”

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Day 139: The Shape of Things

The Shape of Things w/ Paul Rudd & Rachel Weisz

“BUT, the great equalizer.”  BUT in so many situations often welcomes in a slew of unwarranted and sometimes disheartening news. The Shape of Things, originally performed on stage , is an interesting parable of morality and sexual cruelty. Adam (played by the adorable Paul Rudd) and Evelyn (played by Rachel Weisz) cross paths at Adam’s work, the museum. The two embark on what is an illusion of dating, at least according to Evelyn later. In tryst with Adam’s former roommate, we start to understand the complexities of morale and what determines a “better” person. Evelyn heartlessly experiments with morale, manipulation and more importantly, free will, by inadvertently suggesting Paul changes. His changes would eventually lead to weight lost, change of clothes, loss of friends, a nose job…everything. Evelyn delivers her motives to the public in her thesis presentation. She claims that he is now “better” for society according to their standards. BUT, is that really better? Continue reading

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Day 95: Always Learning


If you’re fortunate enough to have cinema festivals, you absolutely have to go. If you’re also fortunate enough to have a school that participates in the festival, then support the hell out of that film. Always Learning was produced by SJSU production studios and made with fellow SJSU students/professors/their moms. It was a great coming of age film with an odd focus of romance blossoming in the sea of awkwardness. In this film, we watch Tobia (awkward name) enter the world of bad-assery much to his mother’s dismay. He willingly leaves his former world, being home-schooled with your occasional nerds and kid-children, to join Joey and his sister and their more than dysfunctional lives. We’re talking about extremely dysfunctional. We want to have hope for Samantha and Tobia’s relationship, I mean she did let him experience his first sexual encounter a.k.a. touch her boob. But alas, she’s too fucked up to save. We can only hope that she learns something from the innocence that Tobia brings with him. Not everything has an evil intention despite your life experiences. Easier said than done.

Why do coming of age films always regard some unlikely opportunity for a romance to grow. Because I’m pretty sure during my awkward years, I didn’t just coincidentally meet someone who would change my world forever. Me thinks this is an abusrd fallacy, coming of age just literally means you’re suffering a good amount of awkwardness for a substantial amount of 4 years before you do anything remotely cool.

Hey, at least Joey didn’t just magically change over time. He’s still an asshole..without a girlfriend.

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Day 81: The Four-Faced Liar

A confusing group just like your friends

If I needed lessons from a group of twenty-somethings…this would be it.

Not to get all analytical on anyone, but the film’s focus on Wuthering Heights is obviously reflective of the relationships within the film with an addition of a lesbian. Molly thinks she’s Katherine and Greg is Hindley – emotionally compatible but no passion. Basically, from what I gather from a bunch of college kids living in NYC is that I don’t want any of their relationships. One cheats, the other lusts, the other is just blissfully ignorant of the hopeless of their relationship. It’s an indie rome-com,  which really means this happens to everyone. Continue reading

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Day 38: Away We Go

Away We Go/ Maya Rudolph & John Kransinski

I’ve been reading great posts such as this one on Thought Catalog and articles about the delicate balance of establishing one’s career and the fulfillment of a sustainable love life. Frankly, it sounds like there isn’t a balance. As a disenfranchised 21-year old, driven by crazy dreams to make it in the ad world, you can obviously tell I’m lacking in the love department (duh, this blog). I’m busy, sure. But I’m not that busy to not have a social life and a relationship. Putting aside obvious factors, such as San Jose’s meager pickings of dating selection, a constant  setback from most of my involvements have been because I’m too involved, they’re not involved enough in what they want to do, or no desire to really push forward. I put my future career first, no questions asked. I’ve always chosen the option that made me better professionally versus one for love. I’m not cold or a bitch, so being friendly isn’t hard. I’m really just not winning. I continue to covet the relationship world but not want enough to lose any type of ambition. Nor do I think anyone should. We gain some and we lose some is the philosophy, but that doesn’t mean it’s fun. Continue reading

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Day 31: Nick and Norah’s Infinite Playlist

Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist w/ Kat Dennings and Cera

I’ve heard the book is better, I probably would agree. But I still kind of have a semi-crush on the Cera. I wonder if he’s angry at Jesse Eisenberg.

Anyways, I want a boy to make me a CD compiled with thoughtful songs. Please? Anyone?




“You’re like blowing him with your eyes.”

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Day 28: 10 Things I Hate About You

RIP Heath

One of those films that solidifies why I decided to fall in love with Joseph Gordon-Levitt. Also, come on. Heath singing. Wouldn’t you just melt?

Anyways, short post today. Right now, I’ve categorizing a list of romantic movie stereotypes and defining them by circumstance and trying to trace back their origins. Bare with me as I figure it all out.

Day 15: Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Crazy, Stupid, Love. w/ Ryan Gosling & Steve Carrell

I’ve decided. This is going to be Ryan Gosling week. This is dedicated to a special Occupy Gosling protester, Kaity. For her love transcends these movies. Hah! Anyways, Gosling is a very hot human being. A very, very, hot human being. His presence in all these romance films just amplify his entire being. I know I don’t have to explain his hotness. I first fell in love with this hottie when I saw his scrawny self in Remember the Titans. Since then, he bulked up, picked up some swag and made us “caw” in the Notebook.

But in case you don’t get enough of the Gos, here’s a couple of stalking opportunities for you. Here. And here. Oh, and one more time.

I should’ve known I was hooked when the opening sequence played John Legend. Gosling can say “let’s get outta here,” as much as he wants. Playah, playah. Of course, it all stems from being ridiculously hurt. Is that why some guys are jerks? Because a girl broke their heart first? So in return, they decide to hurt everyone else after them. Sure, logical, completely makes sense. NOT.  I’ve heard this from several guys. Trust is lost apparently within the female species so they decide to wreak havoc emotionally. As for women? Either they get extremely slutty or we build our walls so high, no amount of testosterone can break it down.  We undoubtedly become Bitter Betties. I wonder if there’s a middle ground to these emotional monsters…sorry, I just got distracted by the Gos’s pecs.

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Day 14: Never Been Kissed

Never Been Kissed w/ Drew Barrymore

Because I would be the girl dressed up like DNA. B)

Nerds are so cool, now they’re hipster. Who would’ve thunk reading would be so in right now. Yeah, the popular girls definitely didn’t you tell that. Nor did they tell you what they aspired to be or what they were reading. I was loyal to my Judy Blume and Matilda was my homegirl. This whole crap about changing into the uber popular girl is wasted time. Someone should start telling little girls that you’re going to be the queen bee no matter what. Confidence doesn’t mean make up, being intellectual is what to strive for and Barbie isn’t real. And besides, there are hot nerdy boys out there. Talk smart to me, baby.

On a side note though, I’ve seen this movie plenty of times.  Josie Grossie is lovable and incredibly cheesy. But damn, I still cringe when I see the scene where she has “loser” stamped on her forehead. I die. Like literally, I die.  Continue reading

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