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Day 138: Chalet Girl

Chalet Girl w/ Felicity Jones & Ed Westwick

While it doesn’t stray too far away from the formulaic “girl-next-door meets hot rich boy” plot line, Chalet Girl brings forth a refreshing leading lady to the genre. The last time I saw Felicity Jones was in Like Crazy, and she was border lining obsessive girlfriend minus the comic relief. In this film, we get to really see Jones in a more comedic light while still portraying her well-done bit of “don’t notice me, I’m normal.” I feel her pain of penny-pinching while all the world is reckless. Shit happens to me on the daily. I say I won’t spend on drinking, but it’s definitely easier said than done. But what’s a single girl to do?

Being single is difficult enough, being single and broke is even worse. Jones’s character, Kimmy, decides to take the unfanciful job of chalet girl, a fancier maid, in hopes to save some dough to help her dad. Sounds easy enough but she’s surrounded by folks who just want to get thrashed and enjoy the alps life. When she downs a glass of $500 Dom, she quickly realizes she just drank her rent money. Ouch. I read somewhere that Jones did some character research and voluntarily worked at ski resort, cleaning barf and all. Good for her.

Ultimately, this one rom-com that didn’t make me want to puke. Maybe it’s the accents, who knows.

Kim: No, irony is free. It’s sarcasm you’re paying for. Ironically.

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Day 135: My Fair Lady

My Fair Lady w/ Audrey Hepburn

Good grief, I don’t understand why it has taken me this long to see this film. I love Miss Eliza Doolitte and I loved that Audrey Hepburn played her. I still saw a bit of Holly Golightly in Eliza. Despite her transformation, her quirkiness still strikes through.

The project boyfriend/girlfriend has been a thing for centuries. From Pygmalion to She’s All That, we’re stuck in the belief that we can change someone. Albeit not emotional changes (because we won’t succeed) but just mere physical changes. Cutting the hair, adding the glasses, plucking the unibrow – those changes.

I’ve been blessed and cursed to deal with project boyfriends. It’s not fun but definitely challenging. It’s not like I didn’t love them for them, I just didn’t like how they dress themselves. Picture this: tall tees, sagging jeans and Air Forces. Yeah, no thanks. I don’t care how “Bay” that look was, my eyes were not approving one bit. Just a brief shopping spree and a bit of compliments, and man did they start to look better. I personally don’t think there’s anything wrong with clothing suggestions…I mean, you’re helping them. They’ll thank you later, trust me, they will.

Eliza was a different case, she expanded more than just her speaking abilities but really evolved into a well-developed woman.
Continue reading

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Day 123: Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World

Scott Pilgrim Vs. the World w/ Michael Cera

I get why boys like it. It’s total video game/comic book mayhem or rather relationship troubles presented with visual sound effects. Hence why they like this kind of stuff. Does this mean I should start flashing a sign in the sky to ask for help when they screw up?

Not to get completely sappy on a movie that clearly doesn’t resemble a romantic love story, you gotta admit…Scotty boy over there fighting all of Ramona’s exes is pretty endearing. Pretty sweet considering he just probably met her. That’s a whole lot of baggage to get over. Most guys are out the door once you even mentioned you got some emotional packages lingering around. Well, M. Cera doesn’t fail at all at his role as Scott Pilgrim. He could use a haircut though.

Stacey Pilgrim: Next time, we don’t date the girl with eleven evil ex-boyfriends.
Scott Pilgrim: It’s seven.
Stacey Pilgrim: Oh, well, that’s not that bad.

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Day 102: You, Me and Everyone We Know

Me and You and Everyone We Know w/ Miranda July & John Hawkes

Basically, we’re all a bit quirky. Some are quirkier than others. The quirky ones are worth observing.






Christine Jesperson: If you really love me, let’s make a vow – right here, together… right now.

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Day 81: The Four-Faced Liar

A confusing group just like your friends

If I needed lessons from a group of twenty-somethings…this would be it.

Not to get all analytical on anyone, but the film’s focus on Wuthering Heights is obviously reflective of the relationships within the film with an addition of a lesbian. Molly thinks she’s Katherine and Greg is Hindley – emotionally compatible but no passion. Basically, from what I gather from a bunch of college kids living in NYC is that I don’t want any of their relationships. One cheats, the other lusts, the other is just blissfully ignorant of the hopeless of their relationship. It’s an indie rome-com,  which really means this happens to everyone. Continue reading

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Day 78: Brief Interviews with Hideous Men

The problems in one

They need to do this more often. For women’s sanity, please.

“Do you see how open I’m being with you here? Well I know I’m not telling you anything you haven’t already decided you know. I can see you forming judgments with that chilly smile. You’re not the only one who can read people you know. And you know what? It’s because of her influence that I am more sad for you than pissed off. Because the impact of this story was profound and I’m not even going to begin to describe it to you. Can you imagine how any of this felt? To look at her sandals across the room on the floor and remember what I had thought of them only hours before. And I’d say her name and she’d say “What?” and I’d say her name again. Well I’m not embarrassed-I don’t care how this sounds to you now. I mean, can you see how I could not just let her go after this? I just-I grabbed onto her skirt and I begged her not to leave. And then I watched her gently close the door and walk off barefoot down the hall. And never seeing her again. But it didn’t matter that she was fluffy or not terribly bright! Nothing else mattered! She had all of my attention-I had fallen in love with her! I believed that she could save me. Well I’m aware of how all this sounds, I can see that look on your face. I know you. And I know what you’re thinking. So ask it. Ask it now, this is your chance. “I believed she could save me” I said. Ask it now. Say something! I stand here naked before you. Judge me, you bitch. You happy now? You all worn out? Well be happy because I don’t care. I knew she could and I knew I loved. End of story. “

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Day 72: He’s Just Not That Into You

He's Just Not That Into YOU.

Worst movie ever to boost any sense of self esteem in the dating game. Fact: there are no exceptions. Things just happen, sometimes in the oddest conditions. If you buy this exception nonsense, shame on you.

Drew Barrymore was probably the only character that brought a bit of insight. Yes, shit gets complicated when you’re rejected by seven different technologies. Not to mention, the pangs continue if you’re friends on any type of social network. As in, oh you’ll know when you’re rejected when it says he’s at a romantic location with a female that isn’t you. Ugh.  Continue reading

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Day 67: My Best Friend’s Wedding

My Best Friend's Wedding w/ an awkward trio

On a Julie Roberts rage, but seriously, she’s so..likable. It’s kind of disgustingly likable. But I can’t deny that I have loved this movie since I knew about it. I mean at one point in our lives, we might have to play the conniving nightmare. Roberts does it so well, it’s the Pretty Woman in her. The whole point is that she had him, but lost him. “He has you on a pedestal and me in his arms.” That’s a whole lot to swallow. It really is unfortunate but as I get older I can’t help but relate to Jules’ dislike of anything gushy. Not one for conventional norms, it’s easy to pull out the bitch card and say “fuck that.” Love? Ugh. Dating? Ew. Continue reading

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Day 60: Annie Hall

Annie Hall w/ Woody Allen & Diane Keaton

We’re delivered a harsh truth: some things just don’t work out. Sometimes, the reality is that we’re not fundamentally made for each other. It’s like swallowing down a dry pill, you know exactly what’s happening but it’s not going down easy. It’s a fragile truth I’ve been slowly accepting of my own relationships and as I get older, sometimes it’s the most logical argument. Risen from platonic feelings, it’s the hardest because you can’t blame/hate on anyone. No matter how we try to overanalyze each phase of the relationship, there’s not much to do once we both reached that conclusion. Better than saying at least he’s not into you, you’re just both not into each other. Continue reading

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Day 55: Tangled

Tangled w/ Mandy Moore

Modernity seems to have transformed even the oldest of fairy tales. Tangled is our version of Rapunzel. What’s an ongoing trend of Disney princesses is that they’ve become uber feminist. I can totally dig that to no avail. I really like Tangled. She was quirky and cute, had all the charming characteristics of any Disney channel ingenue minus the whole “I’m going to show the world I’m a woman” phase.

Interestingly enough, she is also a stock character. Reason number two as to why you think you can change him. You’re the girl next door, supposedly. Try teaching that to the next generation of hopeless romantics.

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