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Day 75: Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation w/ Bill Murray and Scarlett Jo

Loneliness is an enemy that can either be a prevalent purveyor or can be killed off. It happens even in the most smallest of circumstances, but thrives heavily for the weak hearted. Even when we know who our support systems are, it’s not hard to stray to the world of “I am alone.”  Lost in Translation is great example of such instances. We see both Bob and Charlotte enter into unfamiliar settings with familiar hand-holding of their own realities. What hurts even more to see is Charlotte’s relationship with her husband. How can a newlywed feel so distant so soon? Already questioning her decision and finding solace in a stranger. It’s hard to own up to your own loneliness and even harder to push away the demons that piggy back. Just do yourself a favor and not play “Scarborough Fair.”  Continue reading

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Day 60: Annie Hall

Annie Hall w/ Woody Allen & Diane Keaton

We’re delivered a harsh truth: some things just don’t work out. Sometimes, the reality is that we’re not fundamentally made for each other. It’s like swallowing down a dry pill, you know exactly what’s happening but it’s not going down easy. It’s a fragile truth I’ve been slowly accepting of my own relationships and as I get older, sometimes it’s the most logical argument. Risen from platonic feelings, it’s the hardest because you can’t blame/hate on anyone. No matter how we try to overanalyze each phase of the relationship, there’s not much to do once we both reached that conclusion. Better than saying at least he’s not into you, you’re just both not into each other. Continue reading

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Day 33: Garden State

Garden State w/ Natalie Portman & Zach Braff

If you ever find this, attack when possible. She’s the reason you think you can change him.

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Day 32: Beginners

Beginners w/ Ewan McGregor & Christopher Plummer

It was a beautiful story. A beautiful story about lost love. There were key elements that made this movie and made me cinematically, by which I mean emotionally, invested. There’s that sudden emptiness that appears whenever we lose someone – romantically involved or not. It’s not indifference to the world, but just a quiet sense of self growing and pondering. Maybe that’s why we’re so quiet when we’re hurt. It sinks harder that way versus telling the whole world of your sadness. When we lose romantic relationships, we question the everything especially if it wasn’t on our own terms.

It probably didn’t help that I was watching this movie in my dark room, cue depression. It culminated a lot of elements of love that I’ve been thinking about – learning to love someone new despite being in a dark place, what we inherit from our parents, and the idea of trusting ourselves when we are in love. By trust, I don’t mean monogamy, but rather trusting ourselves to let good things happen in a relationship  versus expecting things to fail already. That’s a hard one to bite especially coming from me. I’ve been adamant that most of my romantic involvings have a life span of two weeks. I shit you not. But lately, having a bit more faith in things have resulted in longer time frames with, more or less, better results. Not to say everything would dramatically get better with faith, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Anna: Why do you leave everyone? Why did you let me go?

Oliver: Maybe because I don’t really believe that it’s going to work and then I make sure that it doesn’t work.

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Day 26: Breaking Upwards

Breaking Upwards w/ Zoe Jones & Daryl Wein

Breaking Upwards is an indie rom-com set to the background of New York City following the eventual break up of 20-somethings. Ahhh, music to my ears. Obviously relatable. Obviously, snarky. We can focus on the detrimental factors to this relationship, but I’d like to really focus on the character Zoe. Here’s some context to the film, it’s actually the real story, more or less, of the leading couple when they decided to break up for a while. Zoe, played by Zoe Lister Jones, is overtly fucked up in the most narrowest sense. She’s all woman, hear me roar. She definitely played one too many Beyonce albums. Again, some background to her fuckery. Zoe’s mom is single and has difficulty pursuing stable relationships. Therefore, this in essence influenced Zoe’s relationships with men. Zoe’s unstable. Zoe’s unstable with men. Zoe’s unstable with her relationship to Daryl. Get it? Got it? Good. Continue reading

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Day 18: Lars and the Real Girl

Lars and the Real Girl w/ Bianca and Ryan Gosling

Gosling, day 3. By the third movie, I started to wonder if the Gos had some weird accent he turns on and off. I know Canadians have some lingo going on, but his accent sounds like it’s confused. It just depends on the movie, I guess.  At least in this romantic film, he doesn’t play the natural charmer. Thank goodness,  I was about to roll my eyes if he started to swoon one more random girl he just immediately knew was his soul mate. We can’t be all that lucky, buddy.

This project has been going on now for more than two weeks now. I can’t honestly thank everybody enough for the support. Aside from the actual movie watching, I’ve been really interested in the way people have responded to this. I mentioned in an earlier post that it seemed like men started to pick movies that showcased love at a grander scale. Now, I seem to find more men wanting to participate in this project with me. You may call “chick flicks” a guilty pleasure for some guys, that’s fine. However, I think it’s really starting to show me a side of the male Continue reading

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Day 13: In Search of a Midnight Kiss

In Search of a Midnight Kiss w/ Scoot McNairy & Sara Simmonds

I spent a majority of my day at a local cafe in San Jose, attempting to get work done.  Cups of coffees, shots of espressos later, I managed to get a bit accomplished.  But you can imagine that my brain’s completely fried so bare with me here.

It’s the holiday season also known as single person season personified. It’s that time of the year where everyone goes through their digital little black book to see who isn’t committed yet. I hate cuffing season. Get it? Cuffed? I hate it mostly because it’s realizing you’re saving money but also going through a season where everyone’s completely gushy. Ugh. Bitter me hates the holidays. Actually, bitter me hates all holidays.

The film is shot in black and white with LA as its background. McNairy is going through a breakup, of course, it happens during the worst time of his career. Simmonds is bent on finding “love” before New Year’s Day. The film takes a shot at online dating. By dating, I mean posting a personal ad on Craigslist. Real classy. But it works out, sort of. It’s very reminiscent of 2 Days in Paris but with complete strangers. Suffering through heartache is a mutual connection. All you need is the nudge and you can talk for days about the shitty times you went through. It’s funny though, we act like it’s no big deal that asshole broke your heart. “I’m fine. Really, I’m fine.” Yeah. Seems a little taboo to admit we’re hurt. Sometimes, I think we get even crazier if we don’t admit it.  Continue reading

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Day 8: 500 Days of Summer

 It’s been said, many times, many ways – I’ve seen 500 Days of Summer at least 500 times. I’m absolutely completely in love with this movie, even at my most bitterest moments. Since maturing from my Cera obsession, I’ve quickly grown strongly fond of Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  I’ve seen him in person and he’s such a dreamboat. He’s said to be the “Smart Girl’s Hottie.” I’d bite. Of course, this film also features Zooey Deschanel,  and well, who doesn’t love her?

There’s something magical about nabbing the person you want. Yes, I said magical. Especially if you’ve been admiring from a distance. A little pep in your step, the good glow. Hell, even waking up in the morning feels better.  But, let’s skip the mush and get down to the nitty gritty. Unless you missed it, Summer clearly says she wants something casual. Tom agrees with her. Do we believe it? Nope. Does he believe it? Nope. Maybe we’d save ourselves a lot of pain if we were just honest with ourselves in the beginning. Continue reading

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Day 5: Russian Dolls

Russian Dolls w/ Romain Duris

It’s the week of finals, so things have been slowing building up to what some may call a call to insanity. Anyways, back to the movie watching! Maybe it’s the cold weather, maybe there’s l’amour in the air, but lately, I’ve been wanting to see more French romantic movies. Thanks to good ol’ Netflix, I’ve found a good little batch of Audrey Tautou films to my liking. We’re talking about the French freakin’ queen of romantic comedies, here. Undeniably so cute, it’s sickening. But the movie wasn’t completely about her. The movie is about a “struggling” writer (sigh, they are so damn charming)  whose best work is about cliched love. He has a love interest, but is apparently  also interested with everything else. We’ll just call him a perpetual lover.

Sigh, to play the single life. There’s no fairy tale that was ever told that “hey, prince charming is kind of a douchebag.” There are no fairy tales to warn you about the dragons that come with dating. Seriously, what am I suppose to slay you with? My wit? That can only last so long. Believe me, even the wit gets tainted. Nor, do they ever tell you that some princes come ill-equipped and sadly, you still kiss the damn frog. It’s too complicated to figure out I love you than plan a wedding. Are we conditioned to uphold a certain expectation given to us by fairy tales? Can there by grown up fairy tales too? I mean seriously, can there be an edition especially made for the 20+ kids? That’s the thing about love stories, sometimes they’re just stories. Whenever have you ever said anything from a movie someone you were just completely in love with? I mean day-to-day love isn’t a story either. So many questions to ask, but “we can’t say we’re uninformed. we read love stories, fairy tales..”

“It’s wild how strong these stupid moments can be. Those 12 seconds will be etched deep inside you forever. In the movies, most love stories end there. It’s better not to show what happens after.”

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Day 4: Timer

TiMER w/ Emma Caulfield

The purpose of this blog has seeped into my life. Talking about this blog has made others explore with me some different perspectives. Like for instance, men seemed to mentioned/recommend movies that were perceived at a grander scale – they recommended films like Titanic or Avatar. Yes, both blockbusters but both have really grandeur gestures as to what love could depict. From females, I’ve noticed the recommendations often are followed by the way they felt, and how emotionally attached they were to the relationship that was being shown. It was about the gestures but it was also about the deeper meaning of said love. Anyways, I digress..

I had a hard time digesting the movie, essentially it was because I knew it was going to be sweet and I already was bitter. But, the ending indeed was better than I expected. It translated a hypothetical device into something relatable. The movie in a nutshell is making the process of finding your true life extremely scientific. Easier said than done. Allowing me to control the process? Take the guess work out of love? Hell yes? Guess what, you’re still going to be sad. The whole point of TiMER is realizing that sometimes finding love is  based on time. Not even ten minutes in, the protagonist, Oona,  realized, through TiMer, that her and her potential man aren’t meant to be because he needs exactly two years before he’s ready for “forever.”

Well, fuck that. The only thing I see wrong about this is that you’re setting unsettling expectations on things and relationships that haven’t exactly had time to grow. Life is about the detours. What a sad grasp on reality for who inevitably thought, “hey, this could be the one.” Your motives change over time, you start redefining your standards. From “hanging out” to ” I don’t like titles,” to “it’s not about the chemistry in the beginning, right? He’s a nice guy.” If you’re anything like me, the reason why I hate this element of time is because I am one of those people who like control. Not, let’s get dictator on you, control. But rather, “I like to how far I can throw a ball” type of control. And yes, that means I’m overtly analytical about any existing relationships I might have with the opposite sex. Basically, I just introduced myself as complicated. I hate the time aspect but need the control. Both contradicting themes. I think that’s why I related so much to Oona. It’s when she starts to overanalyze every aspect of her love  life that’s when everything just doesn’t seem right, despite how awesomely hot her side boo is. The purpose of these timers for Oona at least, was the fact that it was a guarantee. A guarantee that her soul mate wouldn’t leave. *Sigh, Cinderella definitely didn’t tell me that. “She was beautiful, she was complicated.”

“Aren’t I guaranteed to like my one? Isn’t that the point?” “Oh no, not necessarily.”

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