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Day 137: The Seven Year Itch

The Seven Year Itch w/ Marilyn Monroe & Tom Ewell

The ubiquitous primal male urge, especially one whose wife is out for the summer, becomes the driving attraction in The Seven Year Itch. Oh yeah, and Marilyn Monroe too. Richard Sherman, played by Tom Ewell, is under the impression that an infidelity would occur on the premise that since his marriage has reached its seven years, his “itch” for other women, especially the Girl upstairs, is finally tested. Will he scratch it? In the film, no such thing occurs. While his fantasies get a bit rowdy, Sherman ends each sentiment lonely and empty-handed. Good for his wife?

Do I buy that romance may slip away momentarily in couples, sure I do. Do I think the seven year itch actually happens? Probably not. I’ve heard about the two-year hump, but a seven year itch seems like a stretch. No man’s an island, and I don’t think any amount of time would determine if a person is necessarily waned into committing adultery. After all, Sherman’s wife is in Maine. That already screams trouble for their marriage.  Luckily, Sherman is completely paranoid, which counters his wild imagination, and becomes deathly afraid of his wife discovering his less than satisfactory  thoughts about the Girl upstairs. Yeah, I’m sure his paranoia just saved him a marriage.

To be honest, Monroe’s overall performance is a bit lacking. While we can’t deny her presence in the film, her vent scene was the only thing worth getting excited for. Definitely wasn’t a groundbreaking performance by any means. But that’s okay, it’s Marilyn.

The Girl: You’re married. I KNEW it! You LOOK married.

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Day 128: Arthur

Arthur w/ Dudley Moore & Liza Minnelli

Liza Minnelli is absolutely wonderful in this film. Boys suck. Rich boys with egos suck. What’s worse is if you actually like one. I wouldn’t know but I’m assuming there goes a decent amount of pressure.

You actually feel bad for Arthur. It’s the making of a good woman with good ambitions that make him realize he doesn’t want to marry the other woman. He actually grows up in the face of adulthood. Sacrifice should never be forced but welcomed with the promise that a better life awaits. In matters of life and love, the choices we make determine what kind of person we want to be. Obviously, these bits of truth are anything but new. In love, those choices are often veiled under confusion and miscommunication, so it’s only promising that we often make bad choices in love. Being blinded in love almost always happens to everyone. No one is ever smartly in love. Am I right?

Anyways, the remake of Arthur with Russell Brand seems incomparable. Completely doesn’t do it justice.

[about Hobson after she gives her phone number to Arthur]
Linda: Wouldn’t it be funny if *he* called me?
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Day 74: The Front Page

Not exactly the Front Page

A classic with a twist on the modern newsman and his effortless ways to satisfy his woman despite the crime-driven world. If you have patience I would recommend it. Valentine’s Day has thus far been an enticing anomaly. For as long as I’ve been single, I’ve religiously abstained from V-DAY activities primarily because they suck and I’m bitter. Obviously, bitter is my driving motive, I put all other Bitter Betties to shame. At the very end of the day, no one will deny the sheer commercialized essence of it all but as such would never deny a good bouquet of roses and some chocolates. You can’t fight it, it is undoubtedly a social conventional norm. We place value and money on things we believe will make our relationships that much stronger and that much more special.  Continue reading

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Day 62: Pretty Woman

Pretty Woman w/ Richard Gere & Julia Roberts

Yes please with a side dish of escargot minus the whole hooker thing.






Edward Lewis: So what happens after he climbs up and rescues her?
Vivian: She rescues him right back.

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Day 60: Annie Hall

Annie Hall w/ Woody Allen & Diane Keaton

We’re delivered a harsh truth: some things just don’t work out. Sometimes, the reality is that we’re not fundamentally made for each other. It’s like swallowing down a dry pill, you know exactly what’s happening but it’s not going down easy. It’s a fragile truth I’ve been slowly accepting of my own relationships and as I get older, sometimes it’s the most logical argument. Risen from platonic feelings, it’s the hardest because you can’t blame/hate on anyone. No matter how we try to overanalyze each phase of the relationship, there’s not much to do once we both reached that conclusion. Better than saying at least he’s not into you, you’re just both not into each other. Continue reading

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Day 59: The Hunchback of Notre Dame

The Hunchback of Notre Dame

Nice guys always finish last. Ouch.

None rings truer especially to those where it hits home. Do I buy it? Sometimes. In Quasimodo’s instance, I sure do. Not that I don’t blame Esmeralda, Captain Phoebus is kind of a stud with a nice attitude. That’s kind of hard to reject. A jock who’s actually nice? Sounds like a Finn Hudson, but let’s be real, in real life the Finn Hudsons are just jerks or just not interested. What if in some alternate universe, we started idolizing the geek? Anyways, stereotypes aside, nice guys are exactly what every girl needs but doesn’t necessarily wants. A fragile truth especially those who aren’t fond of aggressiveness. There’s nothing wrong with nice, but it’s just that it’s more vanilla. So nice and vanilla just stay together. I don’t mind vanilla, but a couple of sprinkles and hot fudge definitely doesn’t hurt. Too bad Quasimodo doesn’t get Esmeralda, but he does get acceptance. Albeit one of Disney’s darker films, I think this film teaches a lot of core values and really allows children to visualize the idea of acceptance.

Anyways, I believe the nice guys may not win the battle but will always win the war.

“Look, I appreciate what you’re all trying to do, but let’s not fool ourselves. “Ugliest face in all of Paris”, remember? I don’t think I’m her type. “

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Day 56: Lady and the Tramp

Lady and the Tramp

Even dogs do better than me.





“In the whole history of the world there is one thing money can not buy…to wit – the wag of  a dog’s tail.”

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