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Day 142: The Way We Were

The Way We Were w/ Barbara Streisand & Robert Redford

It’s a familiar story of love, one that is easily recognizable, yet hard to look back on. With a soundtrack from Streisand, it’s difficult not to get a little choked up when watching The Way We Were. Relationships are a complicated thing, but it’s even more complicated when the truth alone is accepted and embraced. Yes, they were socially opposite, but their intentions of love were the same. But over time, they grew, and they grew apart.

He was the best he could be for her when they were together. An often sad but practical viewpoint of life and relationships. Really, that’s all you could ask for. The point of relationships is to grow individually. Your other person should compliment your life, even if that means for temporary. Katie and Hubbell meet in college, an all too familiar setting of transitional phases of life – a breeding ground of insecurity, security and hope. Relationships are a nurturing ground for us to experiments different parts of our lives. I believe that things happen for a reason even in the most darkest of times. Especially romantic relationships. Katie helplessly falls in love but is too independent for Hubbell to handle. But even with that, their romance seems to trek them through the years until they reach a setting conclusion that they were content with the way they were (get it?!).

On to other matters, this project is ending literally tomorrow. CAN WE SAY WHATTTT?!?!!?!?

Hubbell Gardner: When you love someone, from Roosevelt to me, you go deaf, dumb and blind.


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Day 7: Like Crazy

Like Crazy w/ Anton Yelchin & Felicity Jones

Instead of studying, I decided I wanted to obviously watch a movie and enjoy a beer. I just can’t do finals. Senioritis came too early with a vengeance. It just feels like the right thing to do. I wanted to write something really elaborate and philosophical after watching this movie, but let’s be real. After that beer and some good food, I is lazy.

The premise of the movie is awfully sweet. To be in love with someone and miss someone “like crazy.” Not hard to comprehend – falling in love early and staying in love. Though, I wished I could’ve ¬†fallen in love with the couple, but I couldn’t. In certain parts of the movie, I just felt forced to love them. As it kind’ve felt like they were forced to love each, unknowingly. There wasn’t a real build up for their relationship. They just kind’ve did, simply. He designed furniture (totally Aiden) and she was a writer (totally Carrie). ¬†See, I’m talker. I love to talk, and I love someone who can hold their own in a conversation, with a bit of wit. While I was watching the movie, I felt like there was no substance in their conversations. I’m sure they had them, but nothing for me to instantly connect and look back at my own experiences. A pity, but the way that they stared at each other. Maaaan. Continue reading

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