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Day 45: Sex and the City

Sex and the City the first movie (a.k.a. the better one)

There is no doubt that I’ve fallen victim to the wrath that is Sex and the City. In hindsight, how could I not? Fabulous clothes, careers and lifestyles – who wouldn’t want it? Aside from the cheer mockery that the show has of the average woman – clearly, we’re all not decked out in Louboutins or can have a substantial career as a writer – the show clearly resonated with how shitty love can get. The movie was no exception. I still cried when Big fucked things up. I also cried when Carrie felt empty and depressed. Hell, even cried when Big whispered, “Ever thine, ever mine, ever ours.” Four years later, the movie still hits deep. What I have come to realize unfortunately is that I’ve “Carrie-d” myself.  It’s a sickness. A fabulous sickness. As mentioned, there are no substantial movie series/shows that dictate how normal 20-something year olds find and evolve in their love lives, therefore women look to shows like Sex and the City to garner some guidance. I’ve felt I reared the pain and frustration Carrie went through for six seasons and this movie also solidified what I think my love life would mirror. Sad, right? I’m somehow subconsciously living the love life of a 35-year old woman in a 21-year old body because that is/was what I thought a single woman love life should be. My fairy tales have transformed into a tv series. Even watching the movie, with its fabulous wedding dresses and its unnormal convention, the emotions that these women felt transcended all the materialistic things I’ve loved to really capture what happens when we’re happy or sad in love. So that’s why women eat this shit up. Why I eat this shit up. Because it became my kind of normal. So, instead of men saving me from dragons, I expect miscommunication and the pivotal moments in which I know I’m going to run to my girlfriends and tell them every excruciating detail. Well done, Carrie. Well done.

“Year after year, twenty-something women come to New York City in search of the two L’s: labels and love.”

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Day 5: Russian Dolls

Russian Dolls w/ Romain Duris

It’s the week of finals, so things have been slowing building up to what some may call a call to insanity. Anyways, back to the movie watching! Maybe it’s the cold weather, maybe there’s l’amour in the air, but lately, I’ve been wanting to see more French romantic movies. Thanks to good ol’ Netflix, I’ve found a good little batch of Audrey Tautou films to my liking. We’re talking about the French freakin’ queen of romantic comedies, here. Undeniably so cute, it’s sickening. But the movie wasn’t completely about her. The movie is about a “struggling” writer (sigh, they are so damn charming)  whose best work is about cliched love. He has a love interest, but is apparently  also interested with everything else. We’ll just call him a perpetual lover.

Sigh, to play the single life. There’s no fairy tale that was ever told that “hey, prince charming is kind of a douchebag.” There are no fairy tales to warn you about the dragons that come with dating. Seriously, what am I suppose to slay you with? My wit? That can only last so long. Believe me, even the wit gets tainted. Nor, do they ever tell you that some princes come ill-equipped and sadly, you still kiss the damn frog. It’s too complicated to figure out I love you than plan a wedding. Are we conditioned to uphold a certain expectation given to us by fairy tales? Can there by grown up fairy tales too? I mean seriously, can there be an edition especially made for the 20+ kids? That’s the thing about love stories, sometimes they’re just stories. Whenever have you ever said anything from a movie someone you were just completely in love with? I mean day-to-day love isn’t a story either. So many questions to ask, but “we can’t say we’re uninformed. we read love stories, fairy tales..”

“It’s wild how strong these stupid moments can be. Those 12 seconds will be etched deep inside you forever. In the movies, most love stories end there. It’s better not to show what happens after.”

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