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Day 138: Chalet Girl

Chalet Girl w/ Felicity Jones & Ed Westwick

While it doesn’t stray too far away from the formulaic “girl-next-door meets hot rich boy” plot line, Chalet Girl brings forth a refreshing leading lady to the genre. The last time I saw Felicity Jones was in Like Crazy, and she was border lining obsessive girlfriend minus the comic relief. In this film, we get to really see Jones in a more comedic light while still portraying her well-done bit of “don’t notice me, I’m normal.” I feel her pain of penny-pinching while all the world is reckless. Shit happens to me on the daily. I say I won’t spend on drinking, but it’s definitely easier said than done. But what’s a single girl to do?

Being single is difficult enough, being single and broke is even worse. Jones’s character, Kimmy, decides to take the unfanciful job of chalet girl, a fancier maid, in hopes to save some dough to help her dad. Sounds easy enough but she’s surrounded by folks who just want to get thrashed and enjoy the alps life. When she downs a glass of $500 Dom, she quickly realizes she just drank her rent money. Ouch. I read somewhere that Jones did some character research and voluntarily worked at ski resort, cleaning barf and all. Good for her.

Ultimately, this one rom-com that didn’t make me want to puke. Maybe it’s the accents, who knows.

Kim: No, irony is free. It’s sarcasm you’re paying for. Ironically.

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Day 7: Like Crazy

Like Crazy w/ Anton Yelchin & Felicity Jones

Instead of studying, I decided I wanted to obviously watch a movie and enjoy a beer. I just can’t do finals. Senioritis came too early with a vengeance. It just feels like the right thing to do. I wanted to write something really elaborate and philosophical after watching this movie, but let’s be real. After that beer and some good food, I is lazy.

The premise of the movie is awfully sweet. To be in love with someone and miss someone “like crazy.” Not hard to comprehend – falling in love early and staying in love. Though, I wished I could’ve  fallen in love with the couple, but I couldn’t. In certain parts of the movie, I just felt forced to love them. As it kind’ve felt like they were forced to love each, unknowingly. There wasn’t a real build up for their relationship. They just kind’ve did, simply. He designed furniture (totally Aiden) and she was a writer (totally Carrie).  See, I’m talker. I love to talk, and I love someone who can hold their own in a conversation, with a bit of wit. While I was watching the movie, I felt like there was no substance in their conversations. I’m sure they had them, but nothing for me to instantly connect and look back at my own experiences. A pity, but the way that they stared at each other. Maaaan. Continue reading

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