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Day 88: Dear John

Dear John w/ Amanda Seyfried & Channing Tatum

I could understand why some people liked this movie, but I also understand why many people didn’t. What’s lacking in this film is the essential build up to their relationship. They fell in love within two weeks, plausible. They wrote letters to each other while he was away at war and she went to school, plausible. But the passion that leads them into this world of affection and love is not strong enough, at least in the film. What’s always captivating from any Nicholas Sparks-based film is that the yearning from these two young adults is endlessly evoked and is built on the premise of some conflicting issues. We can essentially compare their relationship to that of Noah and Allie’s from the Notebook. So many people are enticed by their relationship because it showed us how strong their bond became in that month. They were perfect for 17. John and Savannah was basically mediocre compared in that regard. Yes, meeting your dad the first night is spontaneous and  a striking quality…but, then what?  Continue reading

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Day 70: Swingers

Swingers w/ these guys

Must remember that even the toughest of guys have feelings too. An interesting take on the male reaction to severe heartache. It must suck being a guy because the rules of attraction often vary and often friends vary in reaction. Vince Vaughn managed to look attractive despite being a bit chauvanistic and played the wingman fairly decent. Yet, we can all somehow relate to Jon Faverau’s character lack of faith in the love game and how being yourself in public is rather difficult. I don’t care what anyone says, being yourself to attract someone is hard.

It’s the same deal back in elementary school. You pick the coolest Valentine’s Day card to pass out so the boys will come running. The only difference is that back in elementary school, we all won. Now, to even get a decent “hey,” I have to try and work with my personality. Ugh, the horror.

Continue reading

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Day 69: Hitch

Hitch w/ Will Smith & Eva Mendez

I’m convinced that the rules only apply until you actually fall in love. That is whenever “falling in love” happens, but you wouldn’t know because you’re too busy following the rules.

I’m not buying it anymore. Call me a cynic, but I don’t think none of that applies. It just happens. Spoiler alert: there are no rules when it comes to love.

“Any man has a chance to sweep a woman off her feet, just needs the right broom.”

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Day 32: Beginners

Beginners w/ Ewan McGregor & Christopher Plummer

It was a beautiful story. A beautiful story about lost love. There were key elements that made this movie and made me cinematically, by which I mean emotionally, invested. There’s that sudden emptiness that appears whenever we lose someone – romantically involved or not. It’s not indifference to the world, but just a quiet sense of self growing and pondering. Maybe that’s why we’re so quiet when we’re hurt. It sinks harder that way versus telling the whole world of your sadness. When we lose romantic relationships, we question the everything especially if it wasn’t on our own terms.

It probably didn’t help that I was watching this movie in my dark room, cue depression. It culminated a lot of elements of love that I’ve been thinking about – learning to love someone new despite being in a dark place, what we inherit from our parents, and the idea of trusting ourselves when we are in love. By trust, I don’t mean monogamy, but rather trusting ourselves to let good things happen in a relationship  versus expecting things to fail already. That’s a hard one to bite especially coming from me. I’ve been adamant that most of my romantic involvings have a life span of two weeks. I shit you not. But lately, having a bit more faith in things have resulted in longer time frames with, more or less, better results. Not to say everything would dramatically get better with faith, but it certainly doesn’t hurt.

Anna: Why do you leave everyone? Why did you let me go?

Oliver: Maybe because I don’t really believe that it’s going to work and then I make sure that it doesn’t work.

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Day 30: While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping w/ Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock plays the average girl so wonderfully well. She’s funny and endearing, you secretly root for her throughout each of her films with the exception of Speed 2. While You Were Sleeping is in itself a fairy tale for everyday women. Who doesn’t secretly eyeball the the hell out of a mysterious man you see everyday? Like most women, we envision our life stories right before our eyes in the hopes of maybe even receiving a deserving glance. I’m more than guilty of doing this with plenty of good-looking men. I guess I believe in the whole idea of “you just never know.” There’s that whimsical enchantment that exists for me, the random share of interest, that somehow manages to grab his attention. My good friends and I joke about all the romantic “novels” I’ve pursued in the past four years of being single. We start discussing about how we meet and the unexpected adventure we entail to prove our love for each other. It’s fun and a little heartbreaking. Because like all fairy tales, it’s not real. He never did look back as he walked by. Nor did he ask me what book was I reading or how beautiful the day look. There are all my own little fairy tales, mini novels, with complete strangers who I’ve dubbed as my prince charming. At least in While You Were Sleeping, she doesn’t get her prince charming, she gets someone real. Someone she didn’t expect, someone who admired her for everything she was despite lying to his entire family (um, yikes).  Continue reading

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Day 24: One Day

One Day w/ Anne Hathaway & Jim Strugess

As in… one day to my 25th movie! I really thought I was going to fall in love with One Day. It had all the right elements – accents, hot Jim Strugess, Anne Hathaway, success and love. But I didn’t. It felt like it didn’t go in depth in the reasons of why they were so madly deeply in love with each other. I get it, there were time lapses, but still nothing substantial to expound on.

Anyways, it was as whimsical as I wanted. Not the greatest love story or the realest, but valid enough. It was as if the writers decided to create a story that was as predictable as can be, but decided to ruin any hope the viewer has of a happy ending. I guess that part wasn’t predictable. There’s solace in realizing and admitting there are things you can’t have.

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Day 17: Blue Valentine

Blue Valentine w/ the Gos & Michelle Williams

In continuing with Gosling week, I’m seeing the Gos in Blue Valentine. Basically the complete opposite of The Notebook. It’s as if Noah and Allie said deuces after they got married. The reality of this movie is that it’s the marriage of most adults I know. It’s loveless, sad and asking to watch a train wreck. That’s the scariest part of being married. How do you know that one person is worth committing a lifetime for? When did “I do” became a death sentence for most couples. I thought the point of marriage was to be able to solidify the love you have into a piece of paper. When does it start getting complicated? It seems like routine and children just usurp itself into the marriage and then it becomes dull. With divorce rates at an all-time high, what’s the point of marriage? I think that’s one of my fears, to start out so in love and then have your world fall apart. How do you keep passion going when you’re against all odds? Continue reading

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Day 15: Crazy, Stupid, Love.

Crazy, Stupid, Love. w/ Ryan Gosling & Steve Carrell

I’ve decided. This is going to be Ryan Gosling week. This is dedicated to a special Occupy Gosling protester, Kaity. For her love transcends these movies. Hah! Anyways, Gosling is a very hot human being. A very, very, hot human being. His presence in all these romance films just amplify his entire being. I know I don’t have to explain his hotness. I first fell in love with this hottie when I saw his scrawny self in Remember the Titans. Since then, he bulked up, picked up some swag and made us “caw” in the Notebook.

But in case you don’t get enough of the Gos, here’s a couple of stalking opportunities for you. Here. And here. Oh, and one more time.

I should’ve known I was hooked when the opening sequence played John Legend. Gosling can say “let’s get outta here,” as much as he wants. Playah, playah. Of course, it all stems from being ridiculously hurt. Is that why some guys are jerks? Because a girl broke their heart first? So in return, they decide to hurt everyone else after them. Sure, logical, completely makes sense. NOT.  I’ve heard this from several guys. Trust is lost apparently within the female species so they decide to wreak havoc emotionally. As for women? Either they get extremely slutty or we build our walls so high, no amount of testosterone can break it down.  We undoubtedly become Bitter Betties. I wonder if there’s a middle ground to these emotional monsters…sorry, I just got distracted by the Gos’s pecs.

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Day 5: Russian Dolls

Russian Dolls w/ Romain Duris

It’s the week of finals, so things have been slowing building up to what some may call a call to insanity. Anyways, back to the movie watching! Maybe it’s the cold weather, maybe there’s l’amour in the air, but lately, I’ve been wanting to see more French romantic movies. Thanks to good ol’ Netflix, I’ve found a good little batch of Audrey Tautou films to my liking. We’re talking about the French freakin’ queen of romantic comedies, here. Undeniably so cute, it’s sickening. But the movie wasn’t completely about her. The movie is about a “struggling” writer (sigh, they are so damn charming)  whose best work is about cliched love. He has a love interest, but is apparently  also interested with everything else. We’ll just call him a perpetual lover.

Sigh, to play the single life. There’s no fairy tale that was ever told that “hey, prince charming is kind of a douchebag.” There are no fairy tales to warn you about the dragons that come with dating. Seriously, what am I suppose to slay you with? My wit? That can only last so long. Believe me, even the wit gets tainted. Nor, do they ever tell you that some princes come ill-equipped and sadly, you still kiss the damn frog. It’s too complicated to figure out I love you than plan a wedding. Are we conditioned to uphold a certain expectation given to us by fairy tales? Can there by grown up fairy tales too? I mean seriously, can there be an edition especially made for the 20+ kids? That’s the thing about love stories, sometimes they’re just stories. Whenever have you ever said anything from a movie someone you were just completely in love with? I mean day-to-day love isn’t a story either. So many questions to ask, but “we can’t say we’re uninformed. we read love stories, fairy tales..”

“It’s wild how strong these stupid moments can be. Those 12 seconds will be etched deep inside you forever. In the movies, most love stories end there. It’s better not to show what happens after.”

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Day 4: Timer

TiMER w/ Emma Caulfield

The purpose of this blog has seeped into my life. Talking about this blog has made others explore with me some different perspectives. Like for instance, men seemed to mentioned/recommend movies that were perceived at a grander scale – they recommended films like Titanic or Avatar. Yes, both blockbusters but both have really grandeur gestures as to what love could depict. From females, I’ve noticed the recommendations often are followed by the way they felt, and how emotionally attached they were to the relationship that was being shown. It was about the gestures but it was also about the deeper meaning of said love. Anyways, I digress..

I had a hard time digesting the movie, essentially it was because I knew it was going to be sweet and I already was bitter. But, the ending indeed was better than I expected. It translated a hypothetical device into something relatable. The movie in a nutshell is making the process of finding your true life extremely scientific. Easier said than done. Allowing me to control the process? Take the guess work out of love? Hell yes? Guess what, you’re still going to be sad. The whole point of TiMER is realizing that sometimes finding love is  based on time. Not even ten minutes in, the protagonist, Oona,  realized, through TiMer, that her and her potential man aren’t meant to be because he needs exactly two years before he’s ready for “forever.”

Well, fuck that. The only thing I see wrong about this is that you’re setting unsettling expectations on things and relationships that haven’t exactly had time to grow. Life is about the detours. What a sad grasp on reality for who inevitably thought, “hey, this could be the one.” Your motives change over time, you start redefining your standards. From “hanging out” to ” I don’t like titles,” to “it’s not about the chemistry in the beginning, right? He’s a nice guy.” If you’re anything like me, the reason why I hate this element of time is because I am one of those people who like control. Not, let’s get dictator on you, control. But rather, “I like to how far I can throw a ball” type of control. And yes, that means I’m overtly analytical about any existing relationships I might have with the opposite sex. Basically, I just introduced myself as complicated. I hate the time aspect but need the control. Both contradicting themes. I think that’s why I related so much to Oona. It’s when she starts to overanalyze every aspect of her love  life that’s when everything just doesn’t seem right, despite how awesomely hot her side boo is. The purpose of these timers for Oona at least, was the fact that it was a guarantee. A guarantee that her soul mate wouldn’t leave. *Sigh, Cinderella definitely didn’t tell me that. “She was beautiful, she was complicated.”

“Aren’t I guaranteed to like my one? Isn’t that the point?” “Oh no, not necessarily.”

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