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Day 21: High Fidelity

High Fidelity w/ Bad Hair Cusack

John Cusack. Bad hair. Bad hair throughout the entire movie. Seriously.

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Day 8: 500 Days of Summer

 It’s been said, many times, many ways – I’ve seen 500 Days of Summer at least 500 times. I’m absolutely completely in love with this movie, even at my most bitterest moments. Since maturing from my Cera obsession, I’ve quickly grown strongly fond of Joseph Gordon-Levitt.  I’ve seen him in person and he’s such a dreamboat. He’s said to be the “Smart Girl’s Hottie.” I’d bite. Of course, this film also features Zooey Deschanel,  and well, who doesn’t love her?

There’s something magical about nabbing the person you want. Yes, I said magical. Especially if you’ve been admiring from a distance. A little pep in your step, the good glow. Hell, even waking up in the morning feels better.  But, let’s skip the mush and get down to the nitty gritty. Unless you missed it, Summer clearly says she wants something casual. Tom agrees with her. Do we believe it? Nope. Does he believe it? Nope. Maybe we’d save ourselves a lot of pain if we were just honest with ourselves in the beginning. Continue reading

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