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Day 101: Conversations with Other Women

Conversations with Other Women w/ Helena Bonham Carter & Aaron Eckhart

“It’s so fucking hard to be happy.” The veil of loneliness often leaves us to surrender our true feeling of our situations. Whether we’re married or single, we’re always a bit lonely. That’s what brings these two characters together – loneliness and a good a night of fucking. We’re weary of their relationship, but the film clearly indicates they’ve had a past. The entire film is shot in spilt screen, each side representing respectively the man and the woman. Each character is intertwined with a past at home, she’s married, he’s in a relationship. Both seemed unabashed of each other’s relationship, but each with the clear intention of where it would all end, in the bedroom. Each questions the details of their intentions, whether it was contrived by physically loneliness or emotional loneliness, but each rendered useless because in the end, they were each other’s past. A former ghost of what they had, each seeking a sense of closure to it all. He wanted her back, she wanted to know she made the right decision in leaving him. Their rendezvous ended with more questions than answers.  Continue reading

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Day 26: Breaking Upwards

Breaking Upwards w/ Zoe Jones & Daryl Wein

Breaking Upwards is an indie rom-com set to the background of New York City following the eventual break up of 20-somethings. Ahhh, music to my ears. Obviously relatable. Obviously, snarky. We can focus on the detrimental factors to this relationship, but I’d like to really focus on the character Zoe. Here’s some context to the film, it’s actually the real story, more or less, of the leading couple when they decided to break up for a while. Zoe, played by Zoe Lister Jones, is overtly fucked up in the most narrowest sense. She’s all woman, hear me roar. She definitely played one too many Beyonce albums. Again, some background to her fuckery. Zoe’s mom is single and has difficulty pursuing stable relationships. Therefore, this in essence influenced Zoe’s relationships with men. Zoe’s unstable. Zoe’s unstable with men. Zoe’s unstable with her relationship to Daryl. Get it? Got it? Good. Continue reading

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