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Day 111: Eclipse

Eclipse w/ Kristen Stewart & team

Okay, I finally forced myself to watch the third installment. Of course, I needed liquid encouragement to get through this film, so a glass of Chardonnay definitely aided in this decision. So, Twilight. To be honest, I’d be really freaked out to be in that serious of a relationship in high school. It’s just so intense. Magnets. I know love knows no limits, but in all sincerity, that would cause a lot of drama for any teenager. ¬†Who can think of prom when you got a wedding and a vampire baby on the way?! But I guess not all of us fall in love with vampires either.

Jacob looks hot, he’s the only thing that makes me actually that much intrigued. Taylor Lautner, just stop talking and just stare at the camera seductively please.

Maybe this is why girls are in love with it.

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Day 107: Twilight

Twlight w/ Kristen Stewart and Robert Pattinson

What. The. Fuck. I want my two hours back and I can’t believe I watched this fuckery. I get it, he bedazzles and she’s in dire need of some adoration and affection, this doesn’t change he’s still creepy as fuck (clearly, pardon my “fucks”).

I’ve literally dreaded this very moment where I needed to watch this film. Was I hoping for some enlightenment? Perhaps, but I should’ve known better. Forgive me, but I almost wanted to like it because of all the hype surrounding this. My friends have tormented me film after film about their awkwardly but fascinating obsession over this damned series. Grown ass women have literally drooled over the mere description of Edward. But for real though, like that bad? Like really? THAT BAD.

If it wasn’t clear before, it sure as hell clear now. I’m completely hating, on that Haterade without a doubt.

And now I need to watch New Moon. Insanity completely out the door.

James: Oh, still stubborn, aren’t we? Is that what makes you so special to Edward?

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