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Day 77: The English Patient

The English Patient w/ Ralph Fiennes

There’s something about the way Ralph Fiennes shows passion through his eyes. It’s soft but invigorated. He carries a sense of longing and sorrow for Katherine, but undoubtedly aware of the circumstances. Such great love stories seem to stem in the worst conditions. War seems to make the heart grow fonder.

It was a long movie but absolutely beautiful. The acting was phenomenal by all characters and the intertwined stories of love and fate moved so fluidly, you almost forgot it was three hours long. Yes, three hours. I won’t lie, seeing the Count’s body burnt and flesh-ridden was pretty graphic. But again you seek the sense of loss he has yet to endure as he tries and remembers his unfortunate past of love lost.

Is love seen as that anymore? That eternal longing because we were separated by wars and society norms? Probably not, because I’d be pissed if I got dissed through text.

“Swoon, I’ll catch you.”

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Day 73: The Bodyguard

The Bodyguard w/ Whitney Houston

Paying my respect to a legend. You can’t deny that her voice made love stories.





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Day 5: Russian Dolls

Russian Dolls w/ Romain Duris

It’s the week of finals, so things have been slowing building up to what some may call a call to insanity. Anyways, back to the movie watching! Maybe it’s the cold weather, maybe there’s l’amour in the air, but lately, I’ve been wanting to see more French romantic movies. Thanks to good ol’ Netflix, I’ve found a good little batch of Audrey Tautou films to my liking. We’re talking about the French freakin’ queen of romantic comedies, here. Undeniably so cute, it’s sickening. But the movie wasn’t completely about her. The movie is about a “struggling” writer (sigh, they are so damn charming) ¬†whose best work is about cliched love. He has a love interest, but is apparently ¬†also interested with everything else. We’ll just call him a perpetual lover.

Sigh, to play the single life. There’s no fairy tale that was ever told that “hey, prince charming is kind of a douchebag.” There are no fairy tales to warn you about the dragons that come with dating. Seriously, what am I suppose to slay you with? My wit? That can only last so long. Believe me, even the wit gets tainted. Nor, do they ever tell you that some princes come ill-equipped and sadly, you still kiss the damn frog. It’s too complicated to figure out I love you than plan a wedding. Are we conditioned to uphold a certain expectation given to us by fairy tales? Can there by grown up fairy tales too? I mean seriously, can there be an edition especially made for the 20+ kids? That’s the thing about love stories, sometimes they’re just stories. Whenever have you ever said anything from a movie someone you were just completely in love with? I mean day-to-day love isn’t a story either. So many questions to ask, but “we can’t say we’re uninformed. we read love stories, fairy tales..”

“It’s wild how strong these stupid moments can be. Those 12 seconds will be etched deep inside you forever. In the movies, most love stories end there. It’s better not to show what happens after.”

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