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Day 128: Arthur

Arthur w/ Dudley Moore & Liza Minnelli

Liza Minnelli is absolutely wonderful in this film. Boys suck. Rich boys with egos suck. What’s worse is if you actually like one. I wouldn’t know but I’m assuming there goes a decent amount of pressure.

You actually feel bad for Arthur. It’s the making of a good woman with good ambitions that make him realize he doesn’t want to marry the other woman. He actually grows up in the face of adulthood. Sacrifice should never be forced but welcomed with the promise that a better life awaits. In matters of life and love, the choices we make determine what kind of person we want to be. Obviously, these bits of truth are anything but new. In love, those choices are often veiled under confusion and miscommunication, so it’s only promising that we often make bad choices in love. Being blinded in love almost always happens to everyone. No one is ever smartly in love. Am I right?

Anyways, the remake of Arthur with Russell Brand seems incomparable. Completely doesn’t do it justice.

[about Hobson after she gives her phone number to Arthur]
Linda: Wouldn’t it be funny if *he* called me?
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Day 34: How To Marry a Millionaire

w/ Monroe, Bacall & Grable

If you really think about it, this could possibly be the first set of Mean Girls. You know, if that film was about gold digging. But really, Bacall was Regina George and the rest were the army of skanks (see?!). ┬áIt just so happened Bacall and her ladies were models looking for millionaires to marry (Aaron Samuels, but even stupider). Did this plan work? Of course not. The film successfully answers the age old question: love or money? How you may ask? By letting Bacall get exactly what she wanted: both. Ain’t that easy? Continue reading

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