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Day 117: Practical Magic

Practical Magic w/ Sandra Bullock and Nicole Kidman

This just proves that you don’t mess with women who have power, both in the literal and metaphorical sense. Yes, women sure can be crazy, but let’s be real, their instincts on many a man have been more true than wrong.

I used to think women’s instincts were just a fallacy. You know, like love. But, I’ve seen it more than once, including my own, when a woman’s gut instinct is spot on. It’s actually pretty scary. Just to know something isn’t right and within minutes prove that theory. My mom has it and I know I sure have it. But instincts are clearly different than assumptions. Let’s be clear on those distinctions. Assumptions all the time are just insecurities reflected through poorly made decisions.

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Day 30: While You Were Sleeping

While You Were Sleeping w/ Sandra Bullock

Sandra Bullock plays the average girl so wonderfully well. She’s funny and endearing, you secretly root for her throughout each of her films with the exception of Speed 2. While You Were Sleeping is in itself a fairy tale for everyday women. Who doesn’t secretly eyeball the the hell out of a mysterious man you see everyday? Like most women, we envision our life stories right before our eyes in the hopes of maybe even receiving a deserving glance. I’m more than guilty of doing this with plenty of good-looking men. I guess I believe in the whole idea of “you just never know.” There’s that whimsical enchantment that exists for me, the random share of interest, that somehow manages to grab his attention. My good friends and I joke about all the romantic “novels” I’ve pursued in the past four years of being single. We start discussing about how we meet and the unexpected adventure we entail to prove our love for each other. It’s fun and a little heartbreaking. Because like all fairy tales, it’s not real. He never did look back as he walked by. Nor did he ask me what book was I reading or how beautiful the day look. There are all my own little fairy tales, mini novels, with complete strangers who I’ve dubbed as my prince charming. At least in While You Were Sleeping, she doesn’t get her prince charming, she gets someone real. Someone she didn’t expect, someone who admired her for everything she was despite lying to his entire family (um, yikes).  Continue reading

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