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Day 75: Lost in Translation

Lost in Translation w/ Bill Murray and Scarlett Jo

Loneliness is an enemy that can either be a prevalent purveyor or can be killed off. It happens even in the most smallest of circumstances, but thrives heavily for the weak hearted. Even when we know who our support systems are, it’s not hard to stray to the world of “I am alone.” ¬†Lost in Translation is great example of such instances. We see both Bob and Charlotte enter into unfamiliar settings with familiar hand-holding of their own realities. What hurts even more to see is Charlotte’s relationship with her husband. How can a newlywed feel so distant so soon? Already questioning her decision and finding solace in a stranger. It’s hard to own up to your own loneliness and even harder to push away the demons that piggy back. Just do yourself a favor and not play “Scarborough Fair.”¬† Continue reading

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