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Day 109: Save the Last Dance

Save the Last Dance w/ Julia Stiles & Sean Patrick Thomas

I don’t know how, but the thought of watching Eclipse literally felt like pain. So I opted out and vowed to return to it the next day. I wanted to watch something I thought was fun and a good blast from the past. Save the Last Dance was my perspective of MTV’s last attempt in trying to be actually cool. I thought Julia Stiles was so bad, being the quintessential white girl entering a whole new world filled with amazing hip hop music and dancing. Clearly following the dance movie formula, the movie was an easy hit for me. Oh man, Sean Patrick Thomas is so damn fine. Smart and smooth, pleassseeee get me a fan! Plus, can we be real here…music is so on point in this film. Making me sway side to side and practicing my hip curls.

Anyways, passion and ambition makes life and love better in my opinion. There’s nothing more attractive than being in a relationship with someone who is just as ambitious as you are. I’m a very ambitious girl, I got aspirations to the sky and I want nothing less for someone I date.

Obviously, when I got ambitious on my name tag, I’m clearly thinking of Wale’s “Ambitious Girl.”

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Day 108: New Moon


Um. Jacob looks like he has a good weave in.

Okay, I get it. Everyone wants to be passionately seduced the way Edward does to Bella. And I get that Bella is supposed to represent average day Jane, hence why the seduction is even more enticing. I don’t know. I have no idea. Please help me.





“You give me everything just by breathing.”

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Day 95: Always Learning


If you’re fortunate enough to have cinema festivals, you absolutely have to go. If you’re also fortunate enough to have a school that participates in the festival, then support the hell out of that film. Always Learning was produced by SJSU production studios and made with fellow SJSU students/professors/their moms. It was a great coming of age film with an odd focus of romance blossoming in the sea of awkwardness. In this film, we watch Tobia (awkward name) enter the world of bad-assery much to his mother’s dismay. He willingly leaves his former world, being home-schooled with your occasional nerds and kid-children, to join Joey and his sister and their more than dysfunctional lives. We’re talking about extremely dysfunctional. We want to have hope for Samantha and Tobia’s relationship, I mean she did let him experience his first sexual encounter a.k.a. touch her boob. But alas, she’s too fucked up to save. We can only hope that she learns something from the innocence that Tobia brings with him. Not everything has an evil intention despite your life experiences. Easier said than done.

Why do coming of age films always regard some unlikely opportunity for a romance to grow. Because I’m pretty sure during my awkward years, I didn’t just coincidentally meet someone who would change my world forever. Me thinks this is an abusrd fallacy, coming of age just literally means you’re suffering a good amount of awkwardness for a substantial amount of 4 years before you do anything remotely cool.

Hey, at least Joey didn’t just magically change over time. He’s still an asshole..without a girlfriend.

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Day 65: Grease

Grease w/ John Travolta & Olivia Newton-John

In this scenario, being a badass pays off. Don’t mind if I do.

I apologize to my neighbors for this one.

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Day 64: She’s All That

She's All That w/ FPJ & RLC

Now I had my fair share of 90’s heartthrob mega crushes, the usual suspects – Leo DiCaprio, Justin¬†Timberlake and of course, Freddie Prinze Jr. If you didn’t think that FPJ wasn’t the bane of existence for many rom-coms, you’re clearly mistaken.

Anyways, sometimes we need to allow others to help us change. It’s something of a conflicting issue for many because hell, we’re pretty damn satisfied with ourselves. I’m pretty damn satisfied with myself. But it certainly doesn’t ¬†hurt to change a little for the better…right?

On some real shit – my insecurities sometimes overplay and sometimes overpower my own ability to recognize that I need to cut certain behaviors and/or attitudes. It takes someone who really cares about you to make you realize said bad behavior. After all, having bad attributes doesn’t makes you a bad ass by any means. Continue reading

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Day 48: Romeo + Juliet

Romeo + Juliet, the shit version

In all fairness, I forgot how weird this movie is even by Shakespeare’s standards. Poor Paul Rudd.

This movie takes me back to my senior year in high school. Let’s play the embarrassing game. The story begins with Isidora deciding to audition for the role of Juliet. The role of Juliet goes to another student, Isidora gets casted as Lady Capulet. Isidora’s boyfriend somehow coincidentally gets casted as Lord Capulet. Isidora and said boyfriend break up during rehearsals. Isidora is stuck playing the wife of her ex-boyfriend. Awkward.

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