Day 13: In Search of a Midnight Kiss

In Search of a Midnight Kiss w/ Scoot McNairy & Sara Simmonds

I spent a majority of my day at a local cafe in San Jose, attempting to get work done.  Cups of coffees, shots of espressos later, I managed to get a bit accomplished.  But you can imagine that my brain’s completely fried so bare with me here.

It’s the holiday season also known as single person season personified. It’s that time of the year where everyone goes through their digital little black book to see who isn’t committed yet. I hate cuffing season. Get it? Cuffed? I hate it mostly because it’s realizing you’re saving money but also going through a season where everyone’s completely gushy. Ugh. Bitter me hates the holidays. Actually, bitter me hates all holidays.

The film is shot in black and white with LA as its background. McNairy is going through a breakup, of course, it happens during the worst time of his career. Simmonds is bent on finding “love” before New Year’s Day. The film takes a shot at online dating. By dating, I mean posting a personal ad on Craigslist. Real classy. But it works out, sort of. It’s very reminiscent of 2 Days in Paris but with complete strangers. Suffering through heartache is a mutual connection. All you need is the nudge and you can talk for days about the shitty times you went through. It’s funny though, we act like it’s no big deal that asshole broke your heart. “I’m fine. Really, I’m fine.” Yeah. Seems a little taboo to admit we’re hurt. Sometimes, I think we get even crazier if we don’t admit it. 

Not to be scattered brained, but I think it’s interesting how these two even meet. Online dating is such an interesting aspect. It’s literally people shopping before you actually decide to date them.  It’s hard meeting people, especially if you’re socially inept. Online dating seems like a good segway to make that a bit easier. I’m not sure if it’s a good thing or a bad thing yet.  I don’t necessarily believe in the whole “love at first sight” phenomena. I do believe in “love at first conversation.” There’s something utterly romantic in being wrapped up in a conversation with someone you don’t know. Although, the way that Simmonds starts off in the film, she’s a creeper. I don’t know if I could just say “hey” to a dude who deliberately mindfucks you every second. Completely ballsy. She kind of reminds me of myself but with a larger array of curse words and that’s saying a lot.

“Misanthrope seeking misanthrope.”

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